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Friday, May 20, 2016

Wow!! I just discovered this BLOG was still up and running. SORRY

Wow!!  Do I feel stupid?  I just noticed we were advertising this BLOG and I have not made an entry on it if five months.  With the help of my kids we set up a really nice website at  I have a BLOG on that website and have been keeping it up on a weekly basis.  I somehow thought this blog had automatically transferred to our new website and I was actually a bit disappointed at the amount of traffic it was getting.  NOW I SEE WHY?  If you have the time check out our website, lots of great marine hardware specials, our sail list with 2000 sails all spec'd out and a 100K worth of good used propellers and my BLOG with fun videos including the start of this years Ensenada race, NHYC's opening day race and most recently last nights' BYC beer can race inside Newport Harbor.  Photo is me with me son Tyler on board my schooner "Samarang" about twenty years ago.  Since this BLOG is already set up and running, I'll make it a point to keep it interesting.  Here's a little story from working at the store May 19th, yesterday.

A very nice couple pulled up to the store towing small trailer full of boat gear, sails, water maker etc. etc.  With every purchase I make, I always try to get THE STORY of why the boat gear is for sale. And boy I've heard thousands of them.  Seems this couple was towing their extremely high tech cruising trimaran from California to Florida.  Somewhere on the Interstate highway in the middle of the USA they stopped for a road construction project.  Seems the driver of the BIG RIG behind them had fallen asleep and rear ended their boat and pushed the boat and trailer twenty feet into the 30 foot motor home they were driving.  It was a miracle that they weren't killed?  They were OK but their $100K plus yacht, I think they called it a Contour trimaran, was now an accordion !!!  Have a great weekend.  Ernie   P.S.  We've got all the sails off the above boat.

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  1. First look at the new site. Looks good.

    Wish I wasn't on the East Coast, I'd stop by to see what else you have. :-)