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Monday, July 26, 2010

SS Lane Victory

If anyone is looking for a great weekend diversion this summer might I reccommend the SS Lane Victory out of San Pedro. This past weekend some of the boys from the shop took a ride on one of the last if not the only fully operational Victory ships that helped win the second world war. Complete with an aerial attack, tours of the engine room, and a live band this is a really cool way to spend a Saturday.

The ship sails only 5 times a year and will be going out twice in August and twice more in September. Check out their website for more information. SS Lane Victory

- Josh

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Watt a Steal


The puns just keep on getting better.

Right now we've got a 18' classic Duffy/Shock electric boat for sale. The boat could use a little TLC, probably some new batteries, maybe a new charger but at under 5 grand with a trailer it's a total steal.

- Josh

A Deal on Dive Gear


Right now we've got a "like new" dive gear package for a fraction of the original cost.

Package includes:
- 3 Tanks (Retail $200 - $300 each)
- 2 Masks
- 1 Snorkels
- 1 SeaQuest BC Vest (Retail $525)
- 1 Scubapro S600 Regulator (Retail $500 - $700)
- 1 Pair of fins
- Assorted Dive Weights
- 1 Underwater Digital Camera w/ spotlight/flash attachment
- 1 Scubapro Smart Com Computer (Retail $929.00)
- Henderson Wetsuit
- Dive Flag
- Hawaiian Sling Spear

Come get the entire set for $1695. The set will not be broken up.

- Josh

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Batten Down the Hatches

We just got in a shipment of great access hatches and at the rate they've been selling they won't be here long. They're brand new and come in three sizes and three different colors.

Large - $49
Medium - $29
Small - $24

- Josh

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Even More Sails

Ever wonder how long it takes to inventory over 2000 sails by pulling each one out of the bin, checking it against a master list, updating changes and putting it back? The answer is quite a while... especially when you're when you're dealing with full batten mains off of a Swan 53. Anyway we've been hard at work updating our main and headsail lists and adding over 100 new sails, so head over to the website sometime this week to see if your sail is there. Updates should post around Tuesday or Wednesday.

I'm off this week and will be driving up the coast for the next 8 days.

- Josh

Monday, July 5, 2010

Open 7/5/10

Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July. We'll be open from 8:30am to 5:30pm today the 5th.

- Josh