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Monday, July 30, 2012

55' Bill Lapworth custom ocean racer.  Been in storage for past 20 years.  Good project for knowledgeable boat person.  Needs everything.  Price will be right??  Contact Bob Steel at 949-422-2633 for price and to see boat.  Boat located in Costa Mesa.   P.S.  I am posting this for a good friend.  Ernie Minney

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sitting ashore at Moon Stone cove on Catalina Island.  Pictures of fishing reels and boat models are from an estate sale presently going on at the store.  Picture of band-saw blade and trimmings off the new Fuller Brush Company port lights that I installed aboard my Down East 38 I thought I would just toss in.  After waiting a week for a machinist to thin down my port lights I went ahead and did it myself.  Built a jig, bolted the port lights to it and slowly worked them though a monster band saw that I am heir to.  You gotta have a sharp blade and nerves of steel because one screw up and you destroy a $200.00 plastic port light.  The first one I cut a bit too fast and the plastic started melting.  The second two came out perfect.  With a file and some sand paper you can clean up the edges and end up with a very professional looking job. Also, a customer had to scrap his dreams and recently sold us most of the hardware from a 45' ketch he was building.  One item is a brand new Harken roller furling headsail system complete with foil etc.  We googled it and found the best price it was selling for was about $2500.00.  Some lucky customer will soon be rolling up his jib for $1495.00!!!!!  Call store for details.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I've been restoring wooden boats for the past 50 years.  Why not a 70 year old log cabin near some popular ski resorts in Colorado?  Have a great weekend.    Ernie........

Saturday, July 21, 2012

3/4 inch and 1 inch diameter white Nylon and Polyester "Yacht Braid"  Sold by the 600 foot spool ONLY.  3/4 inch reduced to $400.00 per spool and 1" reduced to $500.00 per spool.  Store pick up only-WE WON'T SHIP!!  Only about 20 spools left at this blow-out price.......

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sea lions taking over your boat?  We've got you covered, with fish-net that is! Several tons available. Various net sizes, cleaned, cut, and measured at $3.50 per pound.  Webster's definition of fish net, "a bunch of holes tied together."

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weems & Plath gyro compass.  We know very little about this little beauty other than that it looks very expensive? I spent 2 weeks at the Sperry Gyro Compass school in San Francisco when I was attending the Maritime Academy a half century ago.  The only thing that I remember is that these complicated gadgets point TRUE NORTH and you don't have to make corrections to them for deviation and variation.  Seems like a lot of trouble to save some simple adding and subtracting? In our endless quest at keeping boating AFFORDABLE we've priced this little jewel at $495.00.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Only about 2 dozen of these Lewmar S.T. chrome plated sheet winches left.  We've been Lewmar's "blow-out" outlet for the past 20 years!!! Check out my little video below.  Music is 1880 circus music.  Very appropriate because our little store a bit like a "nautical" circus?

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Official Minney's Yacht Surplus Blog: Anchoring made easy............

The Official Minney's Yacht Surplus Blog: Anchoring made easy............: Pictures are of a little project I did to my Down East 38 a short time ago. When I purchased the boat it had a totally "mickey mouse" ha...
Next to your main engine, your anchor windlass is probably the next most important piece of equipment on your boat. Three times last summer I got blown out of anchorages at Santa  Cruz island. And of course, it was always in the middle of the night.  With "Anita" rearing like a stallion and rolling rail to rail, my powerful "Tigres" windlass brought the anchor home without blowing breakers, the chain jumping the wildcat or fouling in the spill pipe.  They ain't cheap but either is going on the rocks in the middle of the night!!!!!! Check around, you'll find our price of $2295.00 a great value.....

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Minney's is where all the old sheet winches end up.  They make great book ends, door stops and most of them are in good working order.  Don't they teach spelling in school anymore?

Yanmar diesel engine.  Been sitting for 5 years.  Just spent $400.00 having it test run, all fluids changed, new raw water pump impeller etc.  Hour meter shows less than 20 hours use.  39 HP and appears in almost new condition.  $9500.00.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lots of great propellers.  Still have about a dozen taffrail logs from WW II Liberty Ships.  The Pompanette dealer was in the store a few days ago.  He said At $39.95 a set, we are selling the seat cushion, the back and the two arm rest cushions  for the "Elite" pilot chairs way below the price they can make them for.  He bought all we had.  We just found about 20 more in my garage, then that will be the end of them. Most destroyer S.S. wheels are $95.00 (most are brand new) Had a lady purchase about 30 of our used charts the other day to wall paper her kid's room with.  Tiffiney is showing off some of our cutlass berarings.  $49.00 is a great price for that 3" thru hull shown in the pic. Yesterday we had a man pick up one of big $35,000.00 Kevlar-Carbon fiber mainsails  with a 109' luff that was in near new condition for $1495.00.  I'd love to be in the sail loft when they spread it out and he tells them, 'LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT AT MINNEYS!!!"  Scroll back about ten BLOGS and you will see the sail pictured.  GER ### is stenciled on the sail.  We think it's off "Morning Glory" the boat that holds the TRANSPAC record???  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Buy American!  For the past 30 years we've been selling life line stanchions, bow rails etc. that are made only about a mile from our little store.  Rail Makers has designed and set the standards for and has been supplying western U.S. boat builders with their safety hardware for almost 40 years.  If your boat was built in California, it probably has Rail Maker S.S. rails and stanchions.  Call us or e-mail us for a quote on new stanchions and rail gates.  If you have a more custom job, call Rail Makers at 949-642-6506 or e-mail them at  They just completed a full life line, bow and stern rail system for my Down East 38.  Pictured is their facility so you can see, they're geared up to do some SERIOUS work.  P.S.  Antique outboard motors are Railmaker John's private collection.  Have a great day.  Ernie

Monday, July 9, 2012

Fourth Of July trip to Catalina Island...Fun "trailer" made with my Mac.