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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big sails.  Lots for Santa Cruz 70's and other large race boats.  Several assoys from Roy Disney's huge race boat "Pywacket" and a near new hi-tech mainsail from the monster boat that holds the Transpac record.  Some of these sails cost over $35,000.00 from the North and Quantum sail lofts.  We stole them, so can you.  Nothing priced over $1500.00.  Are we keeping ocean racing affordable or WHAT???

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Swap Meet Spaces Going Fast

We've sold 80% of our swap meet spaces already, if you still want a spot call now before they're all gone.

Individual sellers: $30
Businesses: $60

(949) 548-4192

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A few years ago, it was the guy with the most fishing poles with "GOLD" reels mounted in a row of rocket launchers that was the winner of the "status" award.  Today it's the guy with the most awesome fish fighting chair on the back deck that wins the award.  Pictured is a $11,000.00 chair (not counting the custom mount) that was aboard a boat next to my little sailboat a week ago.  I admired the chair and told the skipper that I had the same chair in my store priced at $1495.00.  He didn't believe me?  Anyway, I have a very similar chair by the same company.  The back is different and so is the mount but it is pretty much a twin sister to the one pictured.  The teak needs re-finishing and the padding needs to be renewed but with the $9000.00 you are saving you can spend a few bucks on this chair and be way ahead of the game. Sea ya.........

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BIG RIG FOR SALE AT SCRAP METAL PRICE !!!!  We have the specs at the store.  Roughly 80 feet long, originally for the 70' cutter "Driver" a custom Lapworth boat built in Canada that circumnavigated the globe with this rig in her.  Been sitting for years.  The owner of "Highland Light" a Payne design similar the the famous cutter "Nam Sang" wanted the rig but it was $10,000.00 and he passed.  I feel it would be perfect for that boat or one similar.  As lessor boat couldn't handle it.  We've got 30 days to find a home for this rig (estimated cost today $60,000.00) or the junk man gets it.  It has a boom, radar mount, roller furling gear etc.  There are also 4 great sails that fit the rig that can be had for about $1000.00 each. Rig is located in Costa Mesa about a mile from our store.  The aluminum looks good and so does all the stainless steel fittings......The owner of the Britt Chance race boat "Equation" flew down from San Francisco and looked at it and opted for a new rig at about $40,000.00.  It was too "beefy" for him.  Estimated weight of mast boom and all rigging about 1800 lbs.  (only a guess)  It's going to be difficult to move.  Will take a crane and flat bed truck?  Estimated scrap value $1.00 / lb.  Mast was stepped on the keel of the "Driver"..........

New Sails Added Daily

We're currently adding over a hundred great used sails to our inventory.  Head on over to the website and scroll to the very bottom of the list of sails you're looking at.  Any sail numbered 12-100 or higher (12-101, 102, 103) is a new addition. They're not in order at the moment so you've got to spend a little time looking on the site but they will be soon.

Friday, May 11, 2012

If I ever regretted setting the bar so low on my used sail prices, the Quantum mainsail pictured pretty much underlines the fact that I am pretty much GIVING MY SAILS AWAY!!!  I tagged and measured about 75 sails yesterday and was amazed when I came across the mainsail pictured.  At todays prices, I'm certain Quantum would get at least $7500.00 for this sail if not more.  The insignia on the sail is a bit like the points on a compass rose.  4 cardinal points and 4 lessor ones.  The guy at Quantum that I just talked to in San Francisco thought it might be for an Island Packet?  This sail won't be in our inventory after this blog gets posted.  Have a nice day.  If you live in the Newport area I would like to pass along the fact that because of dredging in Newport Harbor, the overnight anchorage has been moved up to an area off the Lido Island bridge and in front of all the Coast Hwy. restaurants.  I'm going to be swinging an the hook out there all weekend even though my dock is 200 yards away.  Why am I doing this? Cause we can and it''s a bit like the good old days when we were allowed to anchor there overnight and party on the beach at the base of the Lido Island bridge.  Sea ya...........  Ernie

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Eight project Sabots with prices starting @ $195.00 to a maximum of $495.00.  We also have used Sabot sails, rudders, leeboards etc.  Sabot season is near.  These little boats also make great row boats and  also do well with a small outboard motor.  Ten years ago I built 15 of these little boats.  Just the raw hull cost me $500.00 each in lots of six.  These boats are a good value........

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Now showing at Minney's.  Yesterday's Newport Harbor Yacht Club's "Opening Day" yacht race. Featuring action aboard such legendary yachts as Windward Passage, Chubasco, Rag Time, La Volpe etc. A Minney Brothers and Patricia Steele production........

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bristol Shape

We're tripled our paints and supplies over the past couple of days to help with the one-stop-shopping concept.  We've got, paints, thinners, brushes, resin, bondo, bedding compound, paint stripper, sand paper, 5200, caulk, wire brushes, scrub brushes, sponges, buckets, and more at only 10% over our cost!!!  Our business professors are turning in their graves.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's All Greek to Me!

We've got the real Greek fishermen hats on sale right now for $24.95!  Save the scrambled eggs for the new kids on the dock, look the part and save some bucks.