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Saturday, December 31, 2011


The year '2011 is falling astern and '2012 is on the horizon. Highlights of '2011 included the Cabo Yacht auction where we bought so much stuff we had to rent 18 wheeler trucks to move it. Our assistant manager Josh, my son was lucky enough to be chosen to crew aboard the 70' ocean racer, "Alaska Eagle" on a voyage around Cape Horn to South Georgia island and back up to Argentina. If you're in a management position at Minneys, you need to have a little salt-water under your keel. We made a huge line purchase (over $50,000.00) that made dock lines, anchor lines, halyards and sheets available to you at 50% savings. For such a little store, we're starting to deal in serious dollar amounts and large volume purchases. We bought quite a lot of gear and equipment from boat owners that lost their boats to the bank. We also noted that dozens of good boats were cut up and scrapped. Owner's couldn't sell them, got sick of paying high docking fees and just gave them away or sent them to the boat junk yard. We probably sold more sails than that largest sail maker in Southern California. We've found a great inch and know we save you guys hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by making good used sails available and at affordable prices. I still tag, measure and price almost every sail that goes out the door. I see first hand the great sails you guys are purchasing and the value you are receiving. A really nice thing has happened to us. A friend and sailmaker has been granted a Doyle Sailmaking franchise and has moved into the building next door to us. We now have on-site re-cutting and professional advice available 50 feet from out front door. Yes, '2011 has been a great gear and it's all because of you, OUR CUSTOMER!!! Please accept our sincere thanks for letting us help you supply your boating needs, and especially we want to thank you for the tons of boat gear, sails, hardware etc. that you bring to our front door every year and sell us so we can in turn recycle it and get it afloat once again...... HAPPY NEW YEAR. Ernie Minney and the crew at Minney's...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"KELPIE" Rail down off Anacapa Island......

We've got just about everything pictured aboard the "Kelpie" in out little store. Life rings-wood ship's wheels-blocks-booms-sails (thousands of them) turnbuckles-stanchions-line-compasses and once in a while a nice binnacle and thousands of other useful items for you classic schooner and your modern fiberglass sloop. Crew members pictured are Bob Dixson at the wheel and Hank Hill with the worried look. My dad, George Minney purchased the Harvey Gamage 65' schooner "Kelpie" after WW II for $6000.00. We kept it in Newport Beach, California, and had it in our family for 30 years.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


For rest of December take off an additional 10% for any bronze or stainless steel port light in the store. Numerous boats are being cut up and dozens of great looking port lights are ending up at our little store. Round-oval-rectangular etc. Many used and quite a few brand new. One poor customer spent ten years building his dream boat. He lost his job, wife dumped him, couldn't find a buyer for his boat so he scrapped it. His port lights came in looking brand new except for a bit of bedding compound on them. We've got a great market for port lights. Decorator's buy them to use in doors and for shower windows, guys with campers and motor homes purchase them to add small windows for ventilation and light. I've even seen big ones shined up and used to make small coffee tables out of. I'm so enthused about port lights that I recently contracted with a large ship wrecking company to sell me all the 12"-14" and 16" diameter port lights that will be coming off a 500' ship they are presently cutting up........Call or e-mail for sizes and port lights that are presently available. Note: We are also dealers for the famed Fuller Brush Company plastic port lights. These are serious marine windows that have been extremely difficult to purchase because of the limited quantity they make. They come in two sizes and two colors. Call for more info. No discount off these quality port lights because we have cut our mark up to a bare minimum in an attempt to keep them affordable for you..........

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Merry Christmas.......I'm playing "Santa Baby, bring me a yacht!" Thanks for keeping us around for the past forty years.......... A captain is only as good as his crew, and my crew at the store is truly "FANTASTIC"!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Anchoring made easy............

Pictures are of a little project I did to my Down East 38 a short time ago. When I purchased the boat it had a totally "mickey mouse" hand operated anchor windlass and all the chain was stored in the fore peak of the boat. I installed a new Lofrans "Tigress" 1500 pound pull windless as far aft as I could on the fore deck and then angled the chain as it came through the deck into a large locker under the forward berth. I had to beef up the underside of the deck to spread the load around and did that with some teak and holly marine plywood I had in my shop. I was going to run a S.S. pipe from the underside of the deck to the chain locker knowing that I would be ruining the best bunk on the boat. After much thought, I mounted a couple of small pad eyes and a cleat. When the anchor is up, I lead the loose chain under the deck and pull it over to the side tight to the pad eye, tie it off, lead more chain down the side of the hull, under the mattress and to the chain locker. This is a bit of a hassle but I didn't screw up the large forward vee berth. I do the same after the anchor is down, I've anchored about 30 times with the Lofrans and have found it perfectly suitable of a boat of my size. We are dealers for the Lofrans windlasses and are selling them at prices that make them affordable to everyone...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Huge savings @ $3.50 per pound! Rope & Line

Pictured is the rope making process at one of our leading suppliers. Their machines are set up and run all night with a skeleton crew. If one strand of thread breaks, the weaving process continues until someone discovers it. Many times the broken thread isn't discovered until the quality control crew inspects and actually counts the threads. This company produces line for the military, USCG, fire departments etc. It must be exact and if it's not perfect, the line goes to Minneys at a price usually less than the cost of the yarn. That's where our $3.50 a pound yacht braid, dock lines etc. comes from. It will make no difference to you in your use of this line for anchor lines, jib sheets, dock lines etc. And the savings is huge. We also stock their perfect line and sell tons of it each year at fair market prices..... That's one of the ways, "WE KEEP BOATING AFFORDABLE" for you..........

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We probably have more gear for classic boats than any other chandlery on the West Coast. Pictured is the 58' schooner "Samarang". I raised my two boys aboard it and had it in the family for over 20 years. An Italian clothing designer purchased it, put it aboard a ship and sent it to Italy. Photo was taken during one of the many Newport Beach to Ensenada, Mexico races we sailed in as a family. Little pennants flying from the foremast add up to 33 Ensenada races aboard various boats. "REACHING THROUGH LIFE" is a perfect caption for this photo. Happy Holidays....... The crew at Minneys.........

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We pay CA$H for blocks and sailing gear.......

Need a little extra Christmas money. Josh or Ernie will be on hand from now till Christmas to purchase blocks and gear for boats up to 80 feet. If you can't drop by the store, e-mail us a picture of what you have and a description of the items and an approximate price you would like to get for your gear. We buy low and sell low. Our checks ALWAYS CASH and other sailors will appreciate the gear you no longer have need for. is our store e-mail address. Happy Holidays............

Monday, December 19, 2011


While you guys are purchasing Christmas gift cards at "Victoria's Secret" and hoisting a few Egg Nogs at office parties, the crew at Minneys have been working their butts off unloading truck loads of sails. Pictured is a pile of gently used sails that one of the nation's top sail makers sold us today. By purchasing sails in large lots we are able to buy sails at rock bottom prices, and in turn re-sell them at extremely modest prices. Storage of thousands of sails is always a problem. This particular load is stored in what I call "the hobby shop", the oldest boat building shop still standing in Newport Beach. We still use the shop for all our boat re-fitting projects and at the moment it's a handy place to keep 120 bags of sails. Remember, all sails are sold on your approval (except fair and poor sails that state right on the ticket N.R. for NO RETURN) and may be returned for a full refund if you feel it is unsuitable. It's hard work, "KEEPING BOATING AFFORDABLE". Your continued support of our little store and continued remarks of appreciation, makes it all worth while.........

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Special discount to Bloggers. Either the Chris Craft triple classic or the Riva Italian bit of perfection speed boats. Two feet long, brand new and boxed ready to ship. Special price between now and Christmas........ $149.95...... We keep Christmas AFFORDABLE !!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Boat Parade Of Lights STARTS TONIGHT!!

The Newport Beach Christmas "Boat Parade Of Lights" starts tonight. This is a HUGE money maker for our little city. Every charter boat in the area will be putting around the bay for the next 5 nights. Thousands of "in landers" will be heading to the beach to watch the parade and dine aboard the Horn Blower passenger liners and our bay front restaurants. Traffic will be heavy and parking near the bay front and harbor view vantage points will be challenging. More then 70 boats will be lighted and decorated. A special feature this year will be "Rocket Man" flying 20 to 30 feet above the bay wearing his jet pack over his Santa Suit. If you're on the bay it will be pretty much chaos because every Duffy electric boat (all 800 of the floating bars) will be cruising about in addition to about 500 local yachts. Bleachers will be set up down at the Fun Zone. The Sea Scout Base and Orange Coast College Sailing Center is a good place to watch from if you can find a place to park your car. Weather should be beautiful. This is the Newport Beach official start of the Holiday Season so "come on down" and enjoy the most extravagant "Yachting Parade Of Christmas Lights" on the planet.......... P.S. A tip to my BLOGGERS: Irvine Ave. dead ends on the cliffs above Newport Harbor. There's a little park on King's Road directly above PCH that overlooks the bay. There's a public school at Tustin & Cliff Drive with a big parking lot. Get here early and stay off Newport Blvd (it will be gridlock) the parade will be going by the park around 7:30. Stay sober, the cops are everywhere and do BIG BUSINESS on parade nights.........

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tons of FISH NET !!!

Pictured is my secret source of fish net deep in the bowels of Mexico. We sell about a ton a year. It's getting harder and harder to find. The tuna fleets are disappearing a long with the tuna. Our customers purchase it for decor, baseball batting cages, keeping the palm frowns on palapas, keeping pets and kids out of flower gardens, and hundreds of other uses. We clean it, cut it into various sizes and sell it at $3.50 a pound. Yes, while you guys are goofing off, I'm risking life and limb in treacherous Mexico. To soothe my nerves, I tough it out at the little hotel pictured. Las Rosas is it's name. What's that saying about, "all work and no play?"

Sunday, December 11, 2011

There's GOLD at Minney's........

Picture is of sign in a little consignment store in Carbondale, Colorado. Knowing what a good sense of humor you guys have, I thought you would enjoy it. Speaking of "Gold Diggers", I hear screams of delight all the time when one of you un-earths just right boat part you have been looking for. We save stuff for years, "turn-over" is a word that has no meaning to us. This is a short blog, got the trailer hooked up and am heading out to pick up salvage from a lovely large power boat. Keep prospecting at our store, there's lots of GOLD in them there shelves. Have a nice weekend. The crew at Minneys........

Saturday, December 10, 2011


We've got some great sails in stock right now. December is a bit of a slow month in the boating world and to liven things up a bit, we are giving an additional 10% off if you pay ca$h. We pay the credit card companies almost 4% in transfer fees, we'd just as soon pass the saving on to you. A J-105 spinnaker just came in, 1.5 oz. assyo. nice condition, North, with a sock priced it at $895.00
That's just one of the great values we have in our 1000 sail inventory. How can we sell sails at such modest prices? Answer: We pay cash for every sail in our inventory and don't have a complicated consignment system like all the other sail brokers. We buy the sails right and are free to swap them, adjust the prices and are free to go in any direction without contacting their owners. A "bloke" called from England yesterday. Wants the head sail with the 90' luff in almost new condition for his mega-ketch. Mr North would probably quote him about 20 G's, our prices stop at $1500.00!! Price of the sail, $1495.00 plus shipping...........

Friday, December 9, 2011

Have a nautical Christmas......

Here's what you can do with some of our great nautical decor from the "Captain's Room" at our little store. Pictured is a "J" boat 1/2 model for $295.00-Custom wood plaque that we customized with my name and our city, Newport Beach for $105.00-Framed Catalina seaplane poster for $55.00-36" wooden ship's wheel (one pictured is off my dad's boat Kelpie) our look-a-likes would be about $95.00-Large ship's clock is an antique, but we have on special right now a smaller clock and matching barometer set for $195.00. Toss in a few yule decorations and you are ready for Christmas. "We Do Nautical Right!!"

Thursday, December 8, 2011


December special pricing for BLOG watchers. Brand new stainless steel shafts for Cabo sport fishers. We bought them right, have them priced right and for December only (which is a slow month for boat equipment) we are going to knock off another 50%. Thus, a $2000.00 brand new shaft, that we have already lowered the price to $1000.00 will now be only $500.00. Pay cash and we'll toss in the key and propeller lock-on nuts if we have them. "We keep boating affordable"

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hemp and Manila Rope.......

Hemp and Manila rope is slowly becoming impossible to get. We've stumbled onto a great source (don't know how long it will last?) and presently have a good stock available. Landscapers purchase it, Disneyland buys it from us, the L.A. County Fair bought 5000 feet of 3" manila from us and so on. Our ship just came in from the Philippines, port of Manila (that's why they call it Manila rope) so we have a good selection. One inch diameter $1.00 a foot- One and a half inch diameter $1.50 per foot-Two inch diameter $2.00 per foot. You know who else is purchasing large quantities of the 2" rope is health spas, work out gyms, schools and the military. They shake long lengths of it to build up their muscles, climb it, have tug of wars etc. We've got rope and line for all REASONS..... Same day shipping........

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

600' SPOOLS-1" DOUBLE BRAID.... $500.00 !


Sunday, December 4, 2011


Several years ago a young woman and her mother arrived at my store in a shiny new Mercedes. The daughter told me that her father had passed and that her mother wanted to sell some of his boat gear. When the lid to the trunk was opened, I discovered a brand new pair of Barient S.S. #36 self tailing winches, a complete hydraulic steering system for a 60' power boat and several boxes of Harken, Lewmar and Winchard blocks and hardware and other misc. items, all brand new and boxed. I asked the mother how much she wanted for the items and she said, "I was hoping to get $300.00 or possibly a little more?" Knowing the items were "pure gold" and with a little bit of quick math I mentally came up with a figure I could quickly sell the items for. I said to the woman, "would you be happier with $2500.00?" Both the mother and her daughter thought I was kidding. I then explained to them that they had over $10,000.00 worth of boat gear in the back of their car and that I could quickly sell the items for $5000.00 or possibly more and that I wasn't really doing them any special favor with my offer of $2500.00. They accepted my offer, I wrote them a check and they graciously drove away.
A Newport Beach boating icon died several years ago. He was a personal friend and I had been in his home several times and marveled over his collection of old photos,trophies and books. His two heirs (kids in their 30's) quickly sold his 2 million dollar ocean front home and called me to purchase some boat hardware that was in the basement. As I arrived I noted a 20' dumpster in a parking space in front of the house. A glance inside showed me all the pictures that had been hanging on his walls, a pile of trophies and hundreds of books and classic old yachting magazines. This man's entire life and a pictorial history of the dozens of boats he had owned was on its way to the landfill. I purchased the hardware and was allowed to pick out of the dumpster anything I wanted. Most of the items had been ruined and stained with oil and other garbage so there was little for me to salvage.
A woman called me to her home sometime ago. She had lost her husband in a motorcycle accident. He was a boat builder and had owned several large sailboats. I spent about an hour going through the large garage and then offered the woman $1800.00 for all the boating items and tools. "Wow!", she exclaimed. "Everyone told me to call Minney's last." She then said, "I made a list of all my husband's friends and had them over here first to purchase whatever they wanted. They hand picked all my husband's good stuff and only paid me only a total of $700.00."
My son and I made a trip to the Inland-Empire the other day and purchased a trailer load of boat gear and sails from a lovely woman. Her husband knew his days were numbered but still refused to sell their 50' cutter or deal with the mountain of boat gear in the small garage. She had run ads on Craig's list and called a few of his friends that pretty much "cherry picked" the gear and paid her only peanuts. She didn't have a clue as to what the value of the items in the garage were worth? I made her a reasonable offer which she immediately accepted. My son and I loaded the gear into our trailer, swept and totally cleaned and organized her garage. As we were leaving she hugged both of us and we waved to her as we drove away. As we were driving back to the store Josh said, "you know dad, I think what made that woman the happiest was that we emptied and cleaned her garage. You probably could have purchased that load of gear in the trailer for $100.00 instead of the $1200.00 that you paid her.
To cut to the chase guys, we're not going to live forever? I deal with a lot of widows and often times their husbands were friends and customers of mine. Perhaps a little planning ahead for the time that we will be departing for the land of "fair winds and following seas" might be in order. I've condensed most of my boat gear to the store and let you guys dig through it every day. I have two great sons that can dispose of it, hopefully, for years to come. The rest of you aren't so lucky. Don't leave it up to your wives, kids and loved ones to deal with the marine hardware stores in your storage lockers and garages. P.S. Knowing what procrastinators you all are perhaps you could do just one thing. Write a little addendum in your will or trust that says, "In regard to disposing of my boat gear and equipment, CALL MINNEY'S FIRST!!!"

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nylon fender lines or tie downs..........

Here' a great buy! Six foot long, one quarter inch diameter white nylon line complete with eye splice on one end and hand served on the other. A large rope company tossed them in to sweeten the deal on a VERY LARGE purchase of line we made with them. Most rigging shops would charge close to $5.00 just to make the splice in the three strand line. We have sold thousands of them @ .95 cents each. At our special price at two for .95 cents, they are flying out the door. One loyal customer recently purchased 144 of them. He's re-selling them for dog leashes and tie-downs for a thousand different uses. How's that for keeping boating "AFFORDABLE?"

Friday, December 2, 2011

The "SANTANAS" are blowing!!!

The "Santanas" are blowing in Southern Califonia. I almost lost my schooner to one of them years ago. It was New Years night when the wind and waves started coming into the Isthmus at Catalina island. I was on a mooring and as I tried to power out, even though I watched the sand line sink with a flashlight I somehow picked up the stern mooring line in my prop, that killed my engine and I was headed for the beach. Having an anchor instantly ready to go (old school stuff) was the only thing that saved me from going ashore. I dove over in the freezing water and swam lines out to two other moorings and got the 48' schooner secured the best I could as the winds increased and waves built to 4 and 6 feet. Later the harbor sheriffs came by in their 30 footer Bay Watch and asked me what I wanted to do. I said, "get the hell out of here." They came alongside, got a tow line on me, we hand pumped the anchor home, cut the two mooring lines and were towed out toward Bird Rock. With the prop still fouled with mooring line and unable to reef my big mainsail I set the main and jib and totally overpowered I beat my way out of the Isthmus. As I gained more sea room, I set the main stay'sail, dropped the main and jib and sailed around the west end of the island for shelter on the back side of Catalina. That was a night I will never forget, or would my wife. You will do well to remember that the lee side (the side facing the mainland) of all our Channel Islands can become the "hell" side in our winter time North East winds. It's easy to get lured over to Avalon in our summer like conditions in December and January? Be vigilant, continually check the weather reports. Lot's of times the North Easters blow hard on the mainland and peter out half way to Catalina. But not always. Don't wait for the harbor master to tell you to get out. When the bow of your boat is facing the mainland, and your boat starts hobby horsing on the mooring or at anchor and the swells start coming in. GET OUT. It may be a false alarm, but then again it may NOT??? P.S. Photo is Avalon in a Santana !!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gift Ideas......

These taffrail log instruments are solid brass and when polished up and mounted on a nice teak or mahogany base make great book ends or desk lamps. Cost Uncle Sam $500.00 each back in the 1940's, would probably be $1500.00 or more today. These taffrail logs were towed behind Liberty and Victory ships and recorded the nautical miles the ships logged in a 24 hour period. We have them priced at $95.00 for the instrument only. Fish and flywheel spinners are extra. Also, we still have a few of the beautiful Riva and Chris Craft models. They are 24" in overall length. Upscale stores usually get about $600.00 for one of these models. Until Christmas only and while supplies last we are making them available at $195.00 each. Mention that you saw them in our BLOG and we'll include the shipping in the lower 48 states only. They are packed for shipping and ready to go.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thank you Steve Beck..........

Wow! Do I have a great crew. While I was goofing off in Bahia de Los Angeles on the Sea of Cortez in Baja, Steve Beck took charge of the Captain's Cabin (our nautical gift and decor department) and totally re-decorated and organized the area. He then went over to our nautical rental department and organized that area. Steve, if you happen to read this little note, please know your hard work and creativity is appreciated. For the rest of you, please keep us in mind if you are looking for a nautical gift, or gift certificate. Also, if you are doing a photo shoot, making a movie, having a ship wreck party, doing a high school or college play or want a nautical window display for your store--check out our rental department. We've got great authentic items at very modest rental rates........

Saturday, November 26, 2011

32' GRAND BANKS $3000.00

Good project boat for someone that knows what wooden boats are all about. Pictures look much better than the boat actually is. The teak hull appears quite sound, lots of rot damage in cabin and superstructure. A used engine that has been tested is in the process of being installed. Boat was hauled about a year ago. Some new thru hulls were installed and some bottom work done. Owner is a friend of mine and I told him I would run it in our BLOG. Price is $3000.00 CASH. Boat is being sold AS IS WHERE IS WITH NO WARRANTY OF ANY TYPE. See at Vikings Port in Newport Beach. Cross streets are Pacific Coast Highway and Tustin Ave. Owner is Larry Babor. His phone number is 949-645-6109

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving from the crew at Minneys.... Have a great day....... Ernie......Josh.......Patrick.......Steve.......Sherry.......Tiffiny...Troy & Dave......

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bahia de Los Angeles.......

Bay Of The Angels...... Having had a little "casita" in Bay of L.A. for the past 25 years I thought I'd devote this BLOG to giving the cruisers that are lucky enough to be visiting Mexico this winter a little insider info. It's a 500 mile drive from Newport Beach to L.A. bay. The roads are good but narrow, lots of big truck traffic and a cross on practically every curve. L.A. Bay makes a good place for crew changes and if you hitch hike out the 40 miles to Hwy #1 you can grab a bus back to San Diego. Two main families pretty much run the place and if you are a boater, these are are the people you want to know. The Diaz family and Gillermo's. Sammy Diaz has been my landlord for 25 years, speaks english, has a fleet of sport fishing pangas and is a JEWEL of a person. His son is a mechanic and recently opened an attractive auto parts store. I was going to put some boat gear in his store for you guys but Mexican red tape has pretty much discouraged me from doing it. Gillermo's compound is where most of you guys will spend your time. He recently built a Tahitian style palapa overlooking the bay, his food is great and margaritas even greater. He has a fleet of "super pangas", usually monitors VHF 16 and will be the closest thing to the U.S. Coast Guard you will find in the L.A. Bay area. He's the guy that salvaged the 40 footer pictured in my earlier BLOG. According to him that salvage effort almost cost him his life. He borrowed a big landing barge that had been doing construction work in the area. Some how got the sailboat aboard the barge athwart ships and headed for home. A heavy north wind came up, the big barge was down in the bow with the ten ton sailboat aboard, he was taking on water and the only thing that saved him from sinking was the "Angels of The Bay". Gillermo's a great guy, if you have a problem, he can help you. While having a drink in his patio take a few minutes and visit his sister Lucy's new store. In my mind, she the real angel of Bahia de Los Angeles. She's an artist, and will give you a personal tour of her store if you ask. There's 2 new Pemex gas stations in the village that also carry diesel. Lots of grocery stores, and a great produce store up by the traffic circle with the big white steel sail in the middle of it. A good internet store across the street from the bright yellow market thats name starts with an X. You guys will love this place but not the weather in the winter. Heavy north winds can blow for days sometimes. You can also get heavy westerlies. I watched 60 k winds blow all the furniture off Gillermo's patio and a 26' panga on the beach roll over in the heavy winds. Don Juan bay is the only all weather anchorage in our area, it's about 8 miles east of Gillermo's cantina. Mexican billionaires are buying up the area so enjoy Bahia de Los Angeles while it's still unspoiled. Pictured above is a lovely seƱorita sipping a margarita in Gillermo's patio and the view from my little casita at an area we call Ricon that is in the south end of L.A. bay. This picture is looking north from the south end of the bay. Happy Thanksgiving. Any questions about L.A. bay drop me an e-mail at

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mexico report........

I just spent 2 weeks in Bahia de Los Angels. The roads were great, lots of new highway where they have been widening the highway. There's still a ten mile detour before you climb the hill before Santo Thomas valley. The military check point is still on the mesa before you head down the hill into El Rosario. Almost no gringos on the road except for the pre-runners of the Baja 1000 off road race which started last friday the 18th. I watched the start. Bikes and quads started about 0630 and trophy trucks etc. 4 hours later. An unusual thing took place after about 15 of the trophy trucks started. About 4 miles out of Ensenada a trash truck got stuck in the mud crossing the race course road. The racers couldn't get around the truck so the race stopped as the cars backed up. There was about a one hour delay as the police escorted the other 15 trophy trucks down the river bed and out to the traffic jam. The trash truck was finally removed and the trophy trucks got a new start 30 seconds apart. Things were pretty quiet at Gillermo's in L.A. Bay. He salvaged that 40' sloop I wrote about in my (Your Auto Pilot Can Kill Y0u) Blog a couple of weeks ago. She's all chopped up and on it's side in his compound. The Mexican locals are all hurting because almost no Americans are coming to Mexico. Over the past year we've had break ins of our little homes. Two neighbors lost over $20,000.00 in goods from their Baja hide-a-ways. I've been lucky and haven't been broken in to. We solved the problem by fencing off entry to our little area called Rincon which is on the opposite side of the bay from the village. We have a 24-7 guard and a cool raise-lower gate. I only say 2 yachts anchored off the village. The local Mexicans all monitor and talk on channel 16 VHF. We gringos all monitor channel 68 and shift to other channels when talking. We've got some serious boaters living in quite a few of the houses lining our little bay. Ex mayor of San Francisco, ex #1 man at the Monterey Bay aquarium, several circumnavigators, boat builders and other nautical types just chilling out in Baja. We've done quite a few rescues through the years. Cruisers don't seem to know how hard the wind can blow in our area in the winter time. Don Juan bay is the only all weather harbor in our area. All the other anchorages are exposed to the wind from some point on the compass. This is getting a bit long. I'm in writing this little note from a little log cabin in the Rocky mountains. I'm wearing my ski boots to break them in a bit before I hit the slopes at Snow Mass tomorrow. Happy almost Thanksgiving.......

Friday, November 18, 2011

Saturday Bagels

As if you needed another reason to come by the shop on Saturdays... Free bagels and coffee.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Captain's Cabin

Black Friday is almost here... the official start to the holiday shopping season. Minney's has got you covered though so you can breathe a sigh of relief. Come in and head over to our "Captain's Cabin" where we've got nautical antiques new and old that'll answer the question of what to get the man who's got everything.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bimini Tops; we've got em.

I never realized just how many ways there are to say the word Bimini. Customers will come in looking for "bi-meenys," "bi-mi-nays," "bibi tops," and one guy was even calling them "bikini's" but I think he might have been looking for the bar a few doors down. Anyway it might be hard to imagine blocking the sun as we near Thanksgiving, but installing a new bimini or dodger would make a nice winter project with a good payoff in the spring. New tops can cost an arm and a leg but our modest prices on stainless and aluminum frames with or without the fabric will have you made in the shade.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Control Freak

Most of you may not know that the location we're in used to be the San Antonio Winery. Chandleries and restaurants have different needs architecturally but we think we've done a pretty good job of making the most with what we've got. For instance if you were to walk into the old kitchen and make a sharp right turn you'd find yourself standing in the old walk-in freezer of the restaurant. What better place to store all of our morse throttle controls, dripless shaft seals, and wet exhaust manifolds? Come in and get lost!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Electrifying Deals

Does your radar dome work but your monitor is shot? Transducer's good but the fishfinder won't show any fish? We've got tons of used electronics at great prices so you can save money and the pain or rewiring a new system. We know used electronics are a gamble and we can't bench test everything so if it doesn't work, bring it back for a full refund.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Deals Roll On....

Sometimes we find the deals, and other times the deal finds us. Today a certain boat manufacturer in Costa Mesa decided to clean house and helped us fill a trailer with titanium stanchions, a roller furler, hoses, pumps, hardware, spreaders, steering equipment, a beautiful aluminum boom and a whole lot more. Come in and see what we've got.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Proper Deal

We've got too many outboard and outdrive props and we're tired of looking at them. Right now if you buy 1 prop we'll knock off 15%, buy a pair and save 25%, and if you buy 3 or more you can take off 35%. They're not catalogued or sorted, you've got to bring your prop in and match it up, but you can't beat the price. Johnson, Mercury, Evinrude, Stiletto, etc...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tall Ships, Low Prices

What do you get the man who has everything? A ship model of course. We've got about half a dozen different ship models in the store at give away prices. They're nice to look at and a lot easier to maintain than a full size boat.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Running Lights

Every boat needs them, and everybody else charges an arm and a leg for them. We've got a great selection of new and used nav-lights, along with a couple of crates full of some more exotic lights and housings that just might be the mate to the one your kid sent into the drink because he forgot to run your bow line through the chock.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vintage Newport

As we near the holiday season we decided to dig into the Minney's archive once again and pull out some incredible photographs of Newport Beach in its earlier days along with some of the more interesting characters that called Newport their home. At $24.95 these framed photos make great gifts. Stop by our Captain's Cabin and have a look.