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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Boat dealer's special!!  Pictured is a quality, adjustable radio antenna mount for mounting on 7/8 inch stern rails.  Shims can be removed and it will fit 3/4 inch rails.  Ream it out a bit and it will fit 1" rails.  Remove outer "U" piece, drill a couple of holes and you can flat mount it.  I made a circular flange, attached it to the antenna base and then mounted the flange to the side of my Whaler.  These are made with high quality composite plastic type material, have SS bolts and even an allen wrench for adjustment.  Some big box stores are getting as much as $27.00 each!  We have a large overstock and are offering them TEN FOR $49.00 plus shipping.  They weigh very little so shipping should be under $10.00. One internet re-seller has sold several hundred at $19.95 each!!! NOTE: Ten mounts is the MINIMUM ORDER WE WILL SHIP... Happy New Year from MINNEYS

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

NEWMAR: DC-DC Converters Reg. Price $925.00 NOW $495.00 !!!

Boat builder's brand new overstock.  His loss your gain.  Convert 20 to 50 volts DC to 13.6 volts DC with 40 Amps continuous.  Save $400.00 !!!  Limited supply.  Weight 16 lbs.  Google Newmar electronics for more information on converter.  Chrysler Crown 6 cylinder marine gas engine with one to one Velvet drive gear box.  A similar engine powered the 65' schooner "Kelpie" for the twenty five years our family owned her.  We acquired this engine from a marine museum.  It appears brand new but has been sitting for 25 years or more.  This engine needs a home, big price reduction, NOW $1995.00 which is probably less than the price of a new Velvet drive gear box.  Reported to need rod caps?  As is where is, if you know what you're doing, we'll let you drop the pan for an inspection? Also, two very low hours Sea gull outboard motors.  See price tags...  P.S. Model of the converters is 32-12-50.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THE CREW AT MINNEYS...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

REAL MEN, can crank and get tail at the same time !!!

A lot of people think the "Flat Tops" are that mountain range above Grand Junction, Colorado.  The truth is, the "Flat Tops" have been making Minneys their home for the past forty years.  With the advent of self-tailing winches, lazy yacht skippers have turned in some of the best sheet winches ever built for a spring loaded gimmick that takes the fun and much needed exercise out of trimming the sails on their boats.  Pictured is a little project the crew at Minneys has been working on for several months.  We've matched up over one hundred pairs of winches. We opened them up, checked the springs and pawls, lubricated and reassembled.  We now have them display and moderately priced.  Self tailers DO have their draw backs?  When you walk by them they whack and bruise your ankles and shins. They give you hemorrhoids when you sit on the while having a cocktail around the cockpit and they lessen a crew member's coordination and ability to multi-task.  Our collection of winches needs a home and it's NOT going to be the melting pot!  The really old "classics" make great book ends, door stops and nautical lamps.  The rest of them are great on the stern of your yacht for the stern anchor, on the mast for halyards, and the wall of your garage for hoisting things.  The Aspen Yacht Club has a big Barient two speed mounted on their over-size flag pole for use in stepping mast on trailer boats.  I'm sure you can come up with more uses???  Call or e-mail us for availability, base diameter, gear ration etc.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Photo is 161' Schooner "Goodwill" when she was used as a U.S. Navy training ship during WWII....

Hello Minneys

     I came up to your store about a month ago and found the perfect replacement part for my Newport 30 sailboat gooseneck.  The piece that holds the boom to the mast.  Everyone in the shop was so helpful and I was glad that I made the trip to see you folks.  If you guys have a blog or a website I would be delighted if you posted my little thank you note.  Thanks a bunch, see you next time


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Classic, high quality winches from yesteryear !!!

For the past few weeks the crew at Minneys has been taking sheet winches apart, cleaning out the old dead grease, making sure the gears, pawls and springs are in good working order and soon we will have them listed as to their make, dimensions, gear ratio etc. etc.  You know, not everyone needs self trailers.  I don't even like them and have only one on my boat and never use the self tailing feature.  Pictured are some winches I have personally taken apart over the past few days.  The ones pictured are unique and unusual.  Barient made a short run of them back in there 70's.  They are 3 speed with titanium drums.  Having an engineering background, I totally appreciate the design and quality that went into them.  I would rather have a set of old Barients than anything that's manufactured today.  I recently went sailing on my old schooner Shearwater on the waters of New York harbor.  I noted that the stainless steel and titanium winches I installed in the mid 70's are still aboard and being used on a daily basis. At the moment we have about 50 matched pairs of popular winches.  Call or e-mail us your requirements.  Real men can sheet and tail at the same time, so save money and appreciate the look and quality of some of our classic bronze, stainless and aluminum sheet winches.....

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Parting out winches-blocks-hydraulics etc. from 55' Lapworth aluminum ocean racer...

Parting out the hardware and equipment from 55' Lapworth aluminum ocean racer.  Blocks, winches- lots of "flat tops" and several large "self-tailers."  Custom titanium 3 speed sheet winches and turning blocks, hydraulics, a dozen brand new black anodized aluminum Barient winch drums and much more.  Brand new (been sitting for ten years) Nanni (Mercedes) 5 cylinder diesel engine that had been kept as a spare. Several spinnakers and heavy dacron mainsail.  Harken mainsheet track and large Lewmar mainsheet track with stops and heavy duty car.  Most items too heavy for "grand prix" lightweight ocean races but would be ideal for large custom cruising boats.  Priced to sell!  THIS DIESEL ENGINE IS SOLD

Friday, September 11, 2015


Nanni marine diesel engines.  Unique circumstances make two diesel engines available at very reasonable prices.  My guess, we have them priced at about HALF of what they would cost new today.  They were purchased for boats and projects that got never completed and thus were never installed. It's my guess they have been sitting in a warehouse for ten years or more.  The blue one is 120HP with a turbo, it appears complete and has the bell housing but no gear box.  We have it priced at $5900.00.  The gray one is 80 HP-naturally aspirated and has a Hurth gear box.  We have it priced at $6900.00.  These engines are being sold as is where is without a warranty of any kind.  It's a buyer beware opportunity?  If you have a qualified mechanic, we will let him check them out and attempt to start them sitting on the pallets.  Owner of engines is bringing the manuals and instrument panels.  For more information google Nanni Marine engines do your own research.  We have a forklift for

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Top is the popular Lofrans 1500 pound pull windlass.  Our very modest price is $2295.00.  I've had one on my Down East 38 for four years.  It hasn't given a speck of trouble.  Next is the Lofrans manual windlass for boats up to about 30 feet.  They list for about $1200.00, we think $849.00 is an even better price.  After is the Lewmar Stainless Steel 1000 pound pull windless.  We stole them at a builder's close out and are still able to make a tiny profit at $695.00.  List price at the Big Box stores is over $1200.00.  That's a Lewmar 40 pictured, I just lowered the price on the 40's to $595.00 and once again we can offer a limited number of the 30's at $495.00.  These are the hard to find and very expensive chrome plated BRONZE two speed self tailers.  Purchase a pair and we'll toss in a $90.00 matching lock-in handle FREE!!  That's an older style 40 pictured, the latest models have the tops a bit different and don't have that big "washer looking cap" on top.  The hatches are as follows.  The small ones fit a hole size of 10.25 by 13.75 inches with a price of $125.00 each.  The middle size fits into a cut-out of 16.5 by 19.5 inches for a price of $195.00 each.  Our largest one fits into a cut-out of 20 by 23 inches for a price of $245.00 each.  We have VERY LIMITED quantities of all of the above and these prices hold to ONLY THE STOCK ON HAND.  Ten of the large hatches sold in the first 5 days of un-packing.  All items are plus shipping.  It's totally amazing, our little marine junk store is getting a great supply of brand new FIRST QUALITY boating equipment.  Looks as if I missed telling you about the Lewmar opening ports.  They fit a cut-out of 7 by 12 inches and are sort of rectangular with rounded corners.  Price is $115.00 each. Please know, we appreciate your business.