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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Owen's "SAIL-EBRATION" of life is this coming Thursday, January 31st at the American Legion Post on 15 St. in Newport Beach.  Please bring a few photos for the poster board and be prepared to share with all of us a few "O" stories...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Four year old boy sails 25' sloop in Mexico !!!

A four year old boy named Josh borrows his father's Coronado 25 sloop from off the mooring in front of the family's little "casita" in Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja.  He rows out to the boat, sets sail and goes for an over night voyage to a distant anchorage.  Next morning he motors out of Don Juan bay, catches a big fish, sails back to the family home and puts the boat back on the mooring.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Eight Bells"

The "SAIL-EBRATION"of life for my younger brother Owen Minney will be January 31st at the American Legion Post in Newport Beach.  The address is 215-15th St.  It's easy to find. Just take Balboa Blvd. towards the Fun Zone. The tall tower of the catholic church is on 15th St., the church is on the ocean side of the street and the American Legion looks right out on the bay.  Please bring photos for the poster board and be prepared to share a few "O" stories etc.? The time will be from 4PM to 7PM.  The "hero" photo of Owen was taken by Gunnar Andersen and made the cover of "Pacific Skipper" magazine in August 1974.  Owen is in the process of putting the big Alden schooner, "Constellation"far astern of the "Kelpie" in a race back from Catalina island.  More info call or e-mail the store.

Friday, January 18, 2013


All the parts we salvaged from the wrecked Catalina 36 will be in a parking space in front of the store tomorrow (this Saturday) from about 9 am till about 4 pm.  I priced most of the items this afternoon and to save us both time and trouble I'll run by what I think are fair prices.  What we don't sell at the parking lot sale we'll just move into the store.  Most of the teak faced drawers are $24.00- The average varnished teak louver doors are $49.00- the heavy duty SS swing up stern ladder with one separate step is about $175.00-The main sheet assembly with cars, stops etc. is I think $495.00.  The matching genoa track with cars etc are $395.00 for the pair (these were a bitch getting off, Catalina does a good job bolting them to the deck, each fastening had bedding compound on it at the underside nuts even had SS acorn nuts jammed tight agains the regular hex nut) The Garhauer outboard motor SS 2 piece davit is about $265.00-The Maxwell windlass is $495.00 and in excellent condition.  It also was a bitch getting off (probably close to impossible if you were bouncing at anchor somewhere in the tropics)-The 2 large doors, one for the head and the other into the forward cabin are $135.00 each and they both have the SS piano hinges on them-The Hiller 2 burner propane stove will be about $225.00 and the propane box with regulator and remote shutoff valve is $49.00-The electrical panel has bad saltwater damage and is priced at $49.00 I think the teak door its on is almost worth that.  The SS spray dodger will be about $495.00-This is pretty much the major pieces there's lots of small items.  These prices I am pretty much trying to recall from my pricing marathon this afternoon. Hopefully, we'll see some of you tomorrow.  P.S.  Don't wait too long if you want some of the LEWMAR CHROME PLATED, BRONZE ALLOY 2 SPEED SELF TAILING WINCHES.  We sold TEN of the 30's this afternoon.  Also, the steering pedestal with a lovely leather bound Edson steering wheel, engine controls and a $500.00 Ritchie compass is priced at  $795.00.  The base is damaged and will need a possible sleeve and a new mounting flange...Have a great weekend........Ernie and the crew at Minneys.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


It was pretty sad ripping apart the interior of this lovely Catalina 36.  A proper salvage effort could have probably saved the boat but that was not to be.  What's left will be crushed and hauled off to a land fill next week.  Pictures are of some of the salvage that will be available after the weekend.  Several of you have contacted us regarding certain items and parts. We delivered the engine to our mechanic this morning.  He will change the fluids, test run it and do whatever he feels necessary so we can give it a clean bill of health.  Hour meter reads 1580 and it appears that it was not under water.  We'll probably spend $400.00 on it and price it at about $2900.00.  If there are any gamblers out there that want it as is right now we feel $2500.00 would be a fair price.  It is the Universal diesel engine that came stock with 100's of the Catalinas before they switched to Yanmars.  The rest of the salvage will be modestly priced.  The teak louver doors are in excellent condition.  The Maxwell anchor windlass was a total bitch getting off.  I personally took it apart and kept all the parts together.  It seems to be a vertical windlass that Catalina mounted sideways.  Genoa track and cars are in great condition, so is the mainsheet traveler system.  The spray dodger appears excellent.  The mast and boom came out of the boat in excellent  condition and was sold to someone while boat was lying on the beach.  I was talking to the new owner of it and he is now thinking it is too big and heavy for the racing catamaran he is building.  There's a good chance it might be for sale again???  All for now.  Ernie... P.S. The story that goes with the shipwreck is that the owner was heading from San Diego to Catalina island.  Seems as if he had a bit too much grog, passed out and woke up in the surf on Main Beach, in Laguna Beach, California.

Monday, January 14, 2013 DIRECT PIPELINE

Note: Scammers are messing with our store e-mail and customers are having difficulty contacting us. A quick cure is to e-mail me directly @  Have a great day.  Ernie Minney   P.S.  I cleaned out the store savings account to procure the Lewmar winches pictured below.  Please know that your orders for these winches are appreciated.  We are double boxing the winches and trying to ship the same day.  Thank you.......

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The Lewmar winches we purchased before the holidays have arrived and are available immediately.  I spent several hours studying how these winches are priced on the internet and encourage you to check Amazon-West Marine and several other marine dealers that sell on-line.  I found that Lewmar 30's sell at a high price of $941.00 and a low price of $785.00.  I found the Lewmar 40's went for a high of $1553.00 and a low of $964.00 and the Lewmar 46's had a high of $1699.00 and a low of $1283.00. I also suggest you google the West Marine catalog and also Lewmar for all the specifications.  You can blow up the picture on the BLOG and read part numbers off the boxes so you can identify the exact winches we have available. Being satisfied with a modest profit on the largest single purchase I have ever made I have priced the winches for a quick sale at $495.00 each for the 30's---$695.00 each for the 40's and $995.00 each for the 46's.  Handles are not included but possibly can be made available at close to $60.00 each for the chrome lock in handles that match the winch.  In case you can't read the numbers on the boxes the 30's are 49030001--the 40's are 49040056--46's are 49046056.  These are chrome plated- bronze alloy, 2 speed self tailing sheet, halyard etc. winches.  Prices are limited to the stock on hand can be changed any time I feel like it.  No sales tax if you are out of state and since January is our slowest month of the year we will pay the shipping cost in the lower 48 states till the end of January.  We have a good supply of the 30's and 40's and only ten of the 46's.  Those of you that have e-mailed us will have your orders filled first if you feel our prices are to you satisfaction.  Have a great week !!  Ernie and the crew at Minneys.......... P.S.  I made a mistake and told several skippers the large winches were 48's-they are not, they are 46's....

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Owen Minney's Memorial Announcement


We get quite a few water makers in.  They usually need new membranes and some work?  Pictured is the motor and pump in unknown condition? We bid the entire contents of a warehouse awhile ago.  Got about 25 brand new washers and dryers in the lot.  As you can see, we've priced them for quick sale!!!  There's a brand new set of Gauhauer tapered stanchions and gates for a 40' race boat that got scrapped.  Think the pads are angled at about 6 degrees.  Still have about ten of the 24 volt trim tab pumps.  Price has been lowered to $79.00 each!  It seems as if all the taffrail logs in the country are ending up at our little store?  Some are like new, yes, they are "old school" but they work.  I towed one for 40,000 miles and only lost one fish.  They can create a real mess when the fish get tangled up in your trolling lines. I discovered first hand how rope is made?  We still have a couple hundred of the large "WINCHARD" S.S. snap hooks.  Their catalog shows them selling for over $70.00 each !!  We "stole em" and are content to price them at $14.95 each,  Last picture is 600 foot rolls of 1" Nylon and Polyester white double braid yacht braid.  A buck a foot if you buy the 600 foot spool or $1.50 a foot if you want us to cut you a piece. If you have marine items you would like to sell, e-mail us a list and we'll give you a "ball-park" quote of what we would pay.  We buy low and sell low but our checks ALWAYS CA$H and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your surplus gear is helping another skipper fulfill his dream............