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Thursday, November 28, 2013


Lots of boaters and sailers ski.  My video clips from March 2012.  Music with permission from Apple Computer Co...  HAPPY THANKSGIVING.....ERNIE and the crew at Minneys...


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ken Gardiner's final voyage..

Eight Bells for Ken Gardiner

We said goodbye on November 18th to Master ship model builder, Ken Gardiner.  He was a member of NHYC and considered one of the top model builders in the U.S.  One of his collectors was Dennis Connors.  For Dennis, Ken did an entire America's Cup collection.  Ken worked out of the back of Skip Elliott's sail loft in Costa Mesa for the past 25 years or more.  Ken's gone but his coveted sailing yacht models will live on......

Saturday, November 16, 2013


We still have quite a few items from the big Cabo Yacht auction held almost 2 years ago.  Cabo yacht C.E.O.  Mike Howarth was recently cruising about the store.  He mentioned that most of the shaft logs we have are the current types made by Chatfield Engineering of New Zealand.  We also have probably a ton of more of Aquamet #19 and Aqua #22 stainless steel shafts for Cabo Yachts.  We've reduced the shaft price to $500.00 per shaft (we estimate the value at $2000.00 Plus per shaft) shaft logs are priced form $149.00 to about $295.00 depending on the shaft size.  We also have couplings, prop nuts, bronze key stock etc. that are all part of this same lot.  All items are new and have never been installed.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Puerto Salina Marina, Baja, Mexico

Stopped by Puerto Salina yesterday and checked it out.  It's about midway between San Diego and Ensenada.  It has the makings of a really great marina but at the moment it has a very big "PROBLEMA!"  The entrance has shoaled up and boats cannot enter or leave.  Possibly on a very high tide and calm sea conditions a boat of about a six foot draft could come and go.  Problem is is that if you left and the wind came up and breakers started breaking on the shoal water you would be stuck outside.  If ever a marina felt like a "ghost town", this was it.  However it was a dreary week day afternoon and not much was going on.  Man on deck of the pretty schooner is Jean Bonhoure a famous chef from Maxim's of Paris.  He's landlocked and says dredging of the channel is supposed to start in the next few months.  If ever a schooner wanted to serve as an icebreaker, his lovely yacht would fit the bill. You can see flags on poles where the real shallow water is but one must assume it is EVERYWHERE.  The White's Cove harbormaster (Catalina Island) stayed the whole winter at Pureto Salina 2 years ago and totally enjoyed it.  A totally laid back, off the beaten track kinda place with lots of nice people.  Hopefully they'll get it dredged and make it a safe harbor.  It would be great to have a place to run to on the boring run from Pt. Loma to Ensenada........ Buenas dias.... Ernesto  P.S.  Jean has that ketch with the for sale sign on it SERIOUSLY for sale.  Kinda looks like a CT-42 but a little bigger.  Asking price 40K but when a guy owns two boats and they are in a harbor you can't get out of, Jean might just be open to an offer???  Number on the card he gave me 613-105-2307 or 954-592-1261

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Graduation day!!!  I just completed 42 treatments at Hoag Hospital in their giant Micro Wave machine called TOMO.  I've had perfect health for 75 years and absolutely no SYMPTOMS of any type?  An elevated PSA test suggested I see a urologist.  A slight lump on my prostrate suggested a biopsy and the results were cancer of the prostrate.  We caught the problem early with the cancer still confined to the prostrate and the odds of the Radiation Therapy being successful are in the low 90%.  I am sharing this with you because over 60% of the male population over 70 years of age will get prostrate cancer.  It is IMPERATIVE that you keep watching that PSA number.  If a family member has it your odds are 50% greater that you will also get it.  If just one BLOG buddy out there (were approaching 130,000 hits so I know some of you can relate to what I am talking about) takes notice of this little message and catches his problem EARLY, I feel I've done done something good for our boating brotherhood.  P.S. The Bible of prostrate cancer seems to be-"Guide To Surviving Prostrate Cancer" by Dr. Patrick Walsh & Janet Farrar Worthington.  It's a real shock when you find out you have prostrate cancer, the GOOD NEWS IS THAT only about 3% of the male population find it fatal.  Have a great week.  I'm going to !!!  Ernie Minney...

Friday, November 1, 2013

Smoking Deal !! Clock and barometer for the price of the barometer...

Battery operated ship's clock and matching barometer.  Coming in from China of course.  We've been dealing with the same company for over 20 years.  We were given special pricing on a large lot and are passing just about all of the savings on to you.                                                                                       .   The clocks do not ring bells and the barometers need to be
adjusted to the pressure in your area.  Price is as posted plus shipping and handling.  Have a great weekend.  Ernie P.S.  Talked to the purchasing agent at Duffy Electric Boats today.  Told him about
my Duffy "spoof" video of my kid's boat.  He's going to check it out?