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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I'll put up my collection of "flat top" winches against any other marine store in the nation. For the last twenty years the trend has been, replace your "flat top" winches with "self-tailing" winches. For years we've been buying up Merriman, Lewmar, Barient, South Coast, Harken, Arco, Wilcox, etc. winches. Most are in excellent condition and many are better built than the lightly engineered winches the "flat tops" replaced. "Flat tops" are better looking, you can sit on them without getting a hemroidectemy and you can brush against them and not find your shins bleeding. Also, there are great health benefits from cranking and tailing at the same time. You hone your skills at multi-tasking and both your shoulders, arm muscles and hands are the same size. Haven't you ever noticed that the skippers and crews off yachts with "self-tailers" always have one arm much larger then the other? Yes, we've cornered the market on "flat-tops". I'm guessing that we have about TWO TONS of them!!! "FLAT'S WHERE IT'S AT!!" is our motto, MAKE IT YOURS..........

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