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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm learning how "mickey mouse" some parts of my boat were put together.  To remove the old stanchions I must saw the heads off 3/8" hex head stainless steel bolts, use a drift pin to drive them into the bulwarks and let them fall into the bilges where perhaps I will never find them.  Since I have no access to the underside of the cap rails I must use 2" lag bolts to secure the new stanchions.  Luckily the "caps" are teak and in good condition and I'm also able to get the lags to thread into the glass under the cap rails.  The new stanchions going on my Down East 38 are custom for my boat.  Should you have the same boat we've got all the angles and measurements and could ship you a new set. We do stock 100's of 24" and 30" stanchions with either 90 degree bases or angled at 6 degrees which is an average for most boats.  Our prices are great $30.00 for a new 24" and about 35.00 for a 30".  Rail gate sets run about $100.00 a pair. Our new stanchions are made only about 2 miles from our store by "Railmaker John" the same guy that did stanchions for Catalina, Cal, Islander, Ericson and all the other boats that came out of Southern California in the past 30 years.....

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  1. I have a Down east 38 also and when I replaced my toe rails I cut a 3" hole on the inside bulwark(think this is right term,)center of the stanchion, to get a wrench on the nuts holding the stanchion bolts. I had just enough room to get my wrench, nut, and finger in hole to reattach. I orginally used starboard to make small covers over the holes. I am now in process of glassing those repair holes