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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Orange Coast College Sailing Center Small Boat Auction. Held this year on April 27th

Back from Catalina Island and finally was able to put the Orange Coast College Sailing Center small boat boat auction on the BLOG.  This is a fun event.  It helps support the #1 Sailing Center in the U.S. and it makes small boats and marine gear available to skippers at very affordable prices.  If you have a boat or boat gear you would like donate.  Please give Brad Avery a call.  Names of folks you might know that have donated large yachts to the sailing center are, Dr. Laura, Jim Kilroy and Roy Disney.  It's a great organization that has turned out thousands of new sailors over the past 30 years.  I shipped my own son out on the Sailing Center's "Alaska Eagle" for a voyage around Cape Horn to South Georgia island and then on to Argentina several years ago. I don't let my kids go sailing with just anyone? Have a great week.


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