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Saturday, June 1, 2013


For all you that are going to miss my once a year parking lot sale and once a year sale in the store I'm going to offer a special deal to all my faithful BLOGGERS! Beginning at midnight tonight and for the next forty eight hours (California time) I will give you an additional 15% off any sail in my inventory. The season is upon us and our inventory is pretty much up to date.  This is like getting free shipping and then some?  You may return the sail for any reason if you are not satisfied.  You pay the shipping.  If for some reason we made a mistake on the measurements ( we re-measure each sail BEFORE we ship it) or you feel we in some way misrepresented the sail, let us know (be nice) and we'll pay the return shipping. Only about 5% of our sails get returned so you can see that we are doing a pretty good job.  Have a great summer.  Ernie and the crew at Minneys......

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