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Friday, January 10, 2014


We're having summer in January!!  The crew at Minneys is really getting pro-active when it comes to selling small boats.  We think the city of Costa Mesa FIRED the "enforcer" (the guy that busted us if we had anything outside the store with a price tag on it) and we are once again displaying Sabots, rubber boats, kayaks etc.  Yesterday we popped the CO2 bottle on a Beufort six man survival raft, it looked great and we sold it on a a NO RETURN basis for $195.00.  Almost a $2500.00 savings for the skipper that purchased it. P.S.  I spent some time aboard that Ericson 28.  Engine room, bilge and cabin sole areas are a bit of a project.  If someone waved a cashier's check for $7500.00 I think the Tres Amigas would have a hard time saying no.  JUST A HUNCH ?  The Universal diesel runs great but all systems could use a good going over....

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