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Friday, March 21, 2014

HELP WANTED ! Survival suit model to jump up and down on our street corner and attract customers ???

Our lovely staff member Maureen, models a survival suit and gets a little survival raft time in front of the store.  We get quite a few survival rafts that are way out of date.  We pop them open and sell them as is with absolutely no return.  Pictured is one of the better ones?  Survival suits are usually in new condition and we get a the most, $150.00.  Aluminum boarding stairs and platform is missing a few rail parts but is a good value at about $950.00.  Keefe windlass is estimated at 25 years old but is brand new right out of a packing crate.  A starting price of $3250.00 seems about right.  We've contacted Mr. Keefe of KKMI and thought perhaps he would like it for his coffee table?  Voltage is 36 volts D.C.  This is part of an estate sale of a VERY WEALTHY yacht owner.  The Kahlenberg air horns are a RARE FIND and we feel  the $1000.00 price, totally in line.  No compressor.  We have a great selection of new and used Sabot parts.  The fiberglass hulls start at $95.00.  We can usually put together a "sail away boat" for under $750.00.  The Sabots are 8 feet long and make excellent row boats.  The large capacity water maker is by Galley Maid.  We think as a parts unit some skipper will feel it's a great value at $95.00!  Have a great day and a special thank you from all of us at Minneys for making us #2 in the Newport Beach harbor area....   Ernie Minney

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ernie !
    Wow is the condition on the water maker ? 24volt ?
    Is it possible sending it to Sweden ?
    // ib