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Monday, April 14, 2014


SYMMETRICAL SPINNAKERS NOW 40% OFF OUR EVERY DAY EXTREMELY LOW PRICES.  Times change, skippers are changing to asymmetrical spinnakers and we are finding that sales of standard spinnakers (both luffs the same measurement) are slowing down.  As you know, we cap our sail prices at $1500.00!!!  That means that an excellent spinnaker as pictured on the 78' ketch "Miramar"would now only cost you $900.00!!!  In the 45 year history of our store we have never discounted sails this deep, ESPECIALLY SPINNAKERS. How can we do this and still keep the doors open?  Millionaires and billionaires donate their sails to colleges and non profits and reap huge tax benefits.  The non-profits approve of the way get these sails back aboard other yachts and that we buy sails in large volume and that our checks ALWAYS CA$H!! You will never find a better time to pick up a spinnaker.  Cruisers, standard spinnakers are still a great way to cover long distances.  I set a 2.2 oz. spinnaker at Capetown, South Africa and carried it for 31 days.  No chafe, you can sail deep and not be reaching all over the place.  Don't scrap you spinnaker pole, steal a great spinnaker at an UNHEARD OF PRICE from Minneys and go fly your kite...  Happy Easter- The crew at MINNEYS..
P.S. Over 300 symmetrical spinnakers in stock starting with luffs as small as 15'.  Tip- radial head spinnakers are a CHEAP RE-CUT.  Tri radials are expensive re-cuts and almost not worth the investment...This offer expires on June 1, 2014. SORRY, NO DISCOUNTS ON ASSYO'S...

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