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Monday, January 5, 2015


Mutiny On The Kelpie--A father's dream goes astray as his sons with help from the rest of the crew over powers him and sets him adrift on the ship's dory.  Actual 16mm color film taken by Ernie Minney on a one year voyage aboard the family's big schooner "KELPIE" in 1959  See what happens when you aren't nice to  your kids? Except for the mutiny the Minney men had a great adventure sailing all of the Marquesas, Tahiti and most of French Polynesia, several of the Hawaiian islands and returning back to Newport Beach in exactly one year.  Kelpie was built in 1928, a Payne design by the famous Harvey Gammage shipyard in Maine.  Kelpie was owned by George Minney from about 1948 to about 1982.  All the Minney kids were raised aboard the sixty five footer (82' O.A) and after the Tahiti trip, Ernie leased her from his dad, got her USCG certified for 49 pass. skippered her for 20 years in So. Calif. waters.  She was recently purchased and sailed to Falmouth, England.  She's had a million dollar re-build, is now called "Kelpie of Falmouth" and is racing in Europe's classic yacht racing circuit.  Google "Kelpie of Falmouth" for complete info-videos etc. on the new 'KELPIE."

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