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Thursday, September 10, 2015


Top is the popular Lofrans 1500 pound pull windlass.  Our very modest price is $2295.00.  I've had one on my Down East 38 for four years.  It hasn't given a speck of trouble.  Next is the Lofrans manual windlass for boats up to about 30 feet.  They list for about $1200.00, we think $849.00 is an even better price.  After is the Lewmar Stainless Steel 1000 pound pull windless.  We stole them at a builder's close out and are still able to make a tiny profit at $695.00.  List price at the Big Box stores is over $1200.00.  That's a Lewmar 40 pictured, I just lowered the price on the 40's to $595.00 and once again we can offer a limited number of the 30's at $495.00.  These are the hard to find and very expensive chrome plated BRONZE two speed self tailers.  Purchase a pair and we'll toss in a $90.00 matching lock-in handle FREE!!  That's an older style 40 pictured, the latest models have the tops a bit different and don't have that big "washer looking cap" on top.  The hatches are as follows.  The small ones fit a hole size of 10.25 by 13.75 inches with a price of $125.00 each.  The middle size fits into a cut-out of 16.5 by 19.5 inches for a price of $195.00 each.  Our largest one fits into a cut-out of 20 by 23 inches for a price of $245.00 each.  We have VERY LIMITED quantities of all of the above and these prices hold to ONLY THE STOCK ON HAND.  Ten of the large hatches sold in the first 5 days of un-packing.  All items are plus shipping.  It's totally amazing, our little marine junk store is getting a great supply of brand new FIRST QUALITY boating equipment.  Looks as if I missed telling you about the Lewmar opening ports.  They fit a cut-out of 7 by 12 inches and are sort of rectangular with rounded corners.  Price is $115.00 each. Please know, we appreciate your business.

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  1. if you have 12 of the Vetus PA3016 12 x 7 portlights with bug screens and in new condition I'll take 12 of them