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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

REAL MEN, can crank and get tail at the same time !!!

A lot of people think the "Flat Tops" are that mountain range above Grand Junction, Colorado.  The truth is, the "Flat Tops" have been making Minneys their home for the past forty years.  With the advent of self-tailing winches, lazy yacht skippers have turned in some of the best sheet winches ever built for a spring loaded gimmick that takes the fun and much needed exercise out of trimming the sails on their boats.  Pictured is a little project the crew at Minneys has been working on for several months.  We've matched up over one hundred pairs of winches. We opened them up, checked the springs and pawls, lubricated and reassembled.  We now have them display and moderately priced.  Self tailers DO have their draw backs?  When you walk by them they whack and bruise your ankles and shins. They give you hemorrhoids when you sit on the while having a cocktail around the cockpit and they lessen a crew member's coordination and ability to multi-task.  Our collection of winches needs a home and it's NOT going to be the melting pot!  The really old "classics" make great book ends, door stops and nautical lamps.  The rest of them are great on the stern of your yacht for the stern anchor, on the mast for halyards, and the wall of your garage for hoisting things.  The Aspen Yacht Club has a big Barient two speed mounted on their over-size flag pole for use in stepping mast on trailer boats.  I'm sure you can come up with more uses???  Call or e-mail us for availability, base diameter, gear ration etc.

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