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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Boat dealer's special!!  Pictured is a quality, adjustable radio antenna mount for mounting on 7/8 inch stern rails.  Shims can be removed and it will fit 3/4 inch rails.  Ream it out a bit and it will fit 1" rails.  Remove outer "U" piece, drill a couple of holes and you can flat mount it.  I made a circular flange, attached it to the antenna base and then mounted the flange to the side of my Whaler.  These are made with high quality composite plastic type material, have SS bolts and even an allen wrench for adjustment.  Some big box stores are getting as much as $27.00 each!  We have a large overstock and are offering them TEN FOR $49.00 plus shipping.  They weigh very little so shipping should be under $10.00. One internet re-seller has sold several hundred at $19.95 each!!! NOTE: Ten mounts is the MINIMUM ORDER WE WILL SHIP... Happy New Year from MINNEYS

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