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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Save 40% plus on Quality Lewmar HATCHES!!!

Here's a list of the 15 pallets of Brand New Lewmar hatches we just un-packed and put in our warehouse.  It took a while, but I looked up the hatches on the internet and found a company called Jamestown Distributors that had a lot of information on Lewmar hatches.  For complete information on the types and styles of hatches we have, I suggest you look there.  To keep boating AFFORDABLE for you, I knocked off 40%.  You may have to put on your reading glasses to scan
my specs and prices?  Also, if you been putting off purchasing a pair of the Lewmar 30's or 40's do it soon.  Prices go up $100.00 per winch on February 1st.  It is doubtful if we can continue giving away a free $80.00 lock in chrome handle if you purchase a pair???

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