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Monday, January 31, 2011

Headed Round' the Horn

Been a busy January here at the store. I'm off tomorrow to join back up with the Alaska Eagle sailing out of Ushuia to South Georgia Island and on up to Buenos Aires. I'll be gone about 40 days, and if you'd like to follow the trip you can do so here.

- Josh


  1. Josh is out yachting in the Southern Ocean. Huge amount of merchandise just arrived! $50,000.00 from Cabo auction. $50.000.00 yacht double braid. 600' spools 1" double braid, lst quality $600.00.
    $60,000.00 316 SS cleats 4" to 12"great prices. Largest used sail inventory on West Coast. 600 head sails to be posted 2/15/11 I'm at the store almost every day till March lst. Drop by..... Ernie Minney--still keeping boating affordable for all of you.........

  2. You wanna follow Josh's trip on Alaska Eagle? Google "Alaska Eagle" and the official Orange Coast College website will come up. Scroll to the bottom right hand side of the page and click on the "facebook" icon which will bring up pictures and information of this interesting voyage to the bottom of the world......