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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Central Vacuum System For Boats-Motor Homes-Etc.

Pictured is a central vacuum system for a boat, motor home or even a small home. These items came off the same ship we hijacked to get the Pompanette "Elite" pilot chair seat cushions that we are blowing out for $19.95 for bottom, slide on back and two arm rest cushions. See former BLOG. This vacuum is compact and fits flush into a bulkhead, bunk front etc. The cool thing about it is that it has no piping. It has a little door that the dust bag fits into and comes with a bag of tools that includes an 8 foot hose that stretches to almost 30 feet! These vacuums were standard equipment aboard Riviera power boats. We have a limited supply. The company that makes the vacuum has an up to date website so bags etc. are totally available. We are selling the vacuum and tool kit bag for a price of $149.00. This is about a 50% savings. Keeping boating affordable is WHAT WE DO........


  1. QUAVAC Vacuflow Central Vacuum Station (a concrete cellar underground) has vacuum tank with specific size with vacuum pumps to create vacuum in the tank and also in the complete pipe network. Also, the central vacuum station will have a set of discharge pumps.
    For More…….http://www.quavac.con

  2. I think the central vacuum locations in Wisconsin are growing but that is because everyone needs one. I wonder when someone will invent something that will make the vacuum absolute.