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Monday, March 5, 2012

Instruments and wiring harness for 40' powerboat

Pictured above is a beautiful set of engine instruments, windlass controls, depth finder and other items and panels for the wiring of a mid size power boat. The above items were to be shipped overseas and installed on Riviera powerboats. Also included is a nearly 100 pound wiring harness of marine grade electrical wire. We feel this package well worth the $1095.00 asking price. Mention you saw it on the BLOG and we'll let you grind off the $95.00 to help with the shipping. P.S. I just love that picture of the Kelpie (below) doing ten knots while reaching home from Catalina Island with a charter aboard. After completing our trip to Tahiti in 1960 my father pretty much turned the 65' schooner over to me. I got it certified to carry passengers for hire and soon had the the largest and most popular charter schooner in Orange County. Can you imagine the fun I had being 22 years old and having a big schooner to play with? Keep your Porches and Corvetts, I'll take a schooner any day!!!!!

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