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Friday, December 28, 2012


I'll let the pictures do the talking.  We feel the HAM radio is a good value at the price you can see.  I used one on my 2 year voyage and found it inexpensive and dependable communication.  We got the air conditioning or reefer units at the Cabo Yacht auction over a year ago.  Hows that for a great buy?  Brand new price about $1800.00.  Minney blow-out price $295.00 !!!  Goggle the numbers on the box and get more information.  Another great buy is the GOLO lift winches.  List price about $1600.00 we have 2 available at $795.00.  These are brand new in the box.  Voltage is 115 AC-they lift about 1200  pounds and are great for davit winches.  Goggle GOLO and find out more.  The ones we have are pictured in their web site.  We still have about 2 tons of 304 and 316 stainless steel nuts-bolts and screws of all sizes and shapes.  We purchased tons of these fastenings in the heyday of fiberglass boatbuilding in our area.  The waste that was going on was unbelievable in those days.  We've held the line our our price of $7.00 a pound for over 15 years.  Just for the heck of it awhile back I went to one of he "big box" marine stores and picked out one pound of assorted fastenings from those little gray drawers.  It was a bit or a shock to see the register ring up just under $45.00 for what I am selling for $7.00.  I probably should raise my prices?  Just before Christmas I won the bid from a boatbuilder that is getting out of building sailboats.  If any of you are thinking about purchasing Lewmar 30's or 40's or 48's in SELF TAILING CHROME PLATED BRONZE brand new in the box, wait a week or two and I promise you I'll have the best price on the planet!!!!!   Happy New Year.  Thanks to you guys, we've just had the best year in the history of our little store.........Ernie Minney  P.S.  The air conditioning units are from Glacier Bay

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