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Sunday, December 2, 2012

One man's dream?

The top two photos are pretty much all the hardware, blocks, cars etc. needed to outfit a 45' race boat.  The owner of this gear had some set backs and scrapped the boat after spending close to $10,000.00 on new gear for it. As you can see, we still have the 3 cyl. Yanmar diesel.  Less than 50 hours on it!  We have the receipt for it showing the owner paid over $11,000.00 for it?  I've been using those foam Poly-Brushes for small jobs with West Epoxy.  They last about ten minutes and then dissolve.  Lots of skippers use them for varnish work, I never have.  Great buy on a Torrid electric hot water heater for $235.00.  Goggle it and you'll find it's about an $800.00 value?  Last picture is a nice kid's Western saddle for $99.00.  I'm a consignment store "junkie" and can never pass up a good deal.  Have you missed me?  I'm just back from my little fishing "casaita" in Bahia de Los Angeles in Baja, California.  I repaired some hurricane damage to the casa and property and had some great bass fishing out of a 15' aluminum boat I keep there.  Things are quiet in Mexico.  The "gringos" are pretty much staying out of the country.  Perhaps this new president can get the drug wars under control and crank up tourism again?

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