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Friday, February 1, 2013

LEWMAR-Chrome plated bronze alloy, 2-speed-self tailing sheet winches !!!

The 46's are almost gone?  We still have quite a few 40's and 30's.  Do your homework, check on line and at your local boating stores.  I'm still going to hold the line and keep the prices same as December with the shipping our treat in the lower 48 states only, through the end of February.  So you don't have to go through some of my earlier posts,  I'll once again print the prices.  The 46's are $995.00 each-The 40's are $695.00 each and the 30's are $495.00 each.  We have a limited supply of matching lock-in handles at $59.95 each.  These prices good for only the stock on hand and I seriously doubt they can ever be duplicated? These are brand new Lewmar, chrome plated, bronze alloy, 2-speed, self-tailing winches.  For specs. google Lewmar, West Marine and other on-line marine dealers.  P.S.  Thanks to all of you that showed up for my brother's "Sail-ebration" of his life memorial yesterday.  It was pretty impressive, we gave him a good send off and videos of Owen in action aboard numerous different boats will live FOREVER!

1 comment:

  1. Ernie !
    do you have an online ordering component, I have had to move to Missouri for a job, that's 2000+ miles away now, I just told a bunch on the Bristol owners group about your store, but I do not know if they can order , or if I can , ????
    I'm wishin Owen great breezes and favorable currents man, bless him! you got a great family mate!