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Thursday, February 7, 2013


We will let the pictures do the talking.  We're pretty sure we have the best selection of good used boat gear and equipment in the west?  Tip of the day: I have a little house in Baja.  The painter's putty that keeps the glass in the windows keeps drying out in the 115 degree summer heat.  I have replaced all the painter's putty with 3M 5200 bedding compound.  Use masking tape to outline where you want the 3M to go-gun it in, take your finger and run it around the joint where the glass meets the wood-pull off the masking tape (don't let the 3M dry on the tape) and you'll never have a problem with that window again. 5200 also makes good pipe joint compound.  Goes on easy, seals perfectly and if need be will allow you to break open the joints at a later time. Don't use 5200 on pipe joints that will get very hot.

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