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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Big Teak Swim Step !!

This beautiful Wheeler power boat has been cut up in Ensenada.  I have the Burma teak swim step at my store.  It's just under 13 feet long, about 24" wide and about 12" of arc and is about 2" thick.  It is  in excellent condition.  No brackets.  Price $1000.00. The big Ideal windlass is still available in Ensenada.  I'm guessing the new cost (google Ideal?) would be over $3000.00?  Owner of the winch wants $500.00.  We're pretty sure it's 32volt.  Weighs about 200 pounds.  Contact the store for more info.  You have to pick it up in Ensenada.  Newport Beach BOAT SHOW starts today and runs through the weekend.  Drop by the store if you are in town?

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