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Friday, April 5, 2013

Down Mexico way.......

March was my month to measure sails and work around the store.  We put almost 500 sails on our web site and I'm pretty proud of that.  Only one day did I hire a former Doyle sail loft owner to measure small class racing sails.  I looked over his comments and got after him a bit.  Being used to brand new stuff he was grading extremely TOUGH on how he was grading the condition? I didn't change any of his comments but did do all the pricing.  As you know, we have about 100 of these sails presently at an additional 50% discount until I return from Baja and we can put them away.  At the moment I'm hiding out at Bahia de Los Angles, we call it the bay of L.A.  I've had a little "casita" here for the past 25 year and totally enjoy the beauty of the place and the laid back life style pics are the roof I'm building on my little stone generator foom, the last two is what I'm doing right now as the sun is setting.  This is a popular cruising ground for boaters, quite often they anchor in front of my little casa.  All for now, talked to the store today on an Iridium sat phone that came into the store.  Wow, those things are FANTASTIC!!!!! Dave the store manager said the Lewmar 30's are selling fast but we think we will
have enough of them through April.  Yeah, you guys love the free shipping so we'll continue it till the end of April.  I think there are still about 10 of the Minney's hats un-claimed?  All it takes is an e-mail with an address where to ship it and you'll not only be "styling" but the talk of your local dive bar or yacht club........Adios.........Ernesto


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