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Monday, July 29, 2013

Great buy on LEWMAR self-tailing sheet winches !!!

Wow!!!  You guys are gonna love me.  I was able to purchase an additional number of the popular Lewmar bronze alloy, chrome plated, 2 speed self-tailing sheet winches.  With every pair of the 30's or 40's that you purchase we are not only going to pay your shipping anywhere in the lower 48 but we are going to double box them so they arrive in perfect condition, toss in a Minney's "Schooner Or Later" Tee shirt and for the first 50 pair that we sell we will included ONE matching $100.00 "lock in" chrome plated handle.  You only get the handle if you purchase TWO winches.  You can spec the winches out on the Lewmar website.  This deal blows out the "on-line discounters" and is only available for the stock that we presently have on hand.  We will keep this offer open until September 1st or we run out of winches? We can hold the line on our prices which is $495.00 each for the 30's and $695.00 for the 40's.  I'm pretty sure we will also have about 5 pair of 46's.  I'll have to dig back in the BLOG and pull out the price we made them available last time we had a few.  Have a great week.  Ernie Minney.......... P.S.  You guys in Panama, Hawaii, Puerto Rico etc. We'll give you a $25.00 per winch shipping credit to help you with the shipping.  Are we good guys or WHAT???


  1. you know it might be easier to sell your winches if a person could find them. I went to your home page and there is not link for winches. I clicked on the title of this blog post and it just takes me here.

    You should get someone to design you a descent web site.

  2. Hello, I'm new to your site. How do I enquire about the Lewmar 46 winches you have for sale?
    Thank you.