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Monday, October 28, 2013


Saw "All Is Lost" yesterday.  If you are going cruising, don't let your wife see it.  Robert Redford gave the boating community a fantastic gift.  That movie will become mandatory viewing for all sailing schools, U.S. Power Squadron classes, etc. etc. for the next fifty years.  An EPIRB or a SAT phone sure could have helped him.  Keeping his boat under sail and heeled over while a fiberglass patch on his hull about 2 feet by 2 feet cured in the sun was a good trick.  Using his sextant will all the shades down and then marking an "X" on the chart was some pretty cool navigation!  BUT, all it all, the movie really gives you something to think about.  A few smoke flares when a ship passed him close by
during the day might have gotten a watch standers attention?  For realism it's great.  Filmed in a big Hollywood tank aboard a real boat that looked kinda like an older Catalina 36 or a Cal-40 with an altered stern.  Have a great week.  Ernie Minney--Circumnavigator - 68' schooner "Shearwater" 1977-1980...

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