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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Snap shots around our little store...

The Mercury engine was my brother's.  It was the focal point of his living room for over 20 years.  Friends have removed the case and say that there are parts missing.  It is sold more as a collector's item than a running engine.  It is being sold as is where is without any kind of warranty.  Have a great weekend.  The crew at Minneys...Invertek is brand new and has no warranty.  Radar appears brand new also no warranty. Stanchion set for Atkin ketch was never installed.  They were for the free boat we posted a couple of weeks ago.  I received and e-mail from a man that says he now owns the free
boat and intends to put it back together.  Also, we have one Lewmar 40 chrome bronze that has been sitting for 10 years.  We'll let it go for $495.00, it is brand new and you should probably flush it out and re-lubricate it.  Also, a boat dealer took off a Harken 40 from a new boat.  Todays price, $795.00...

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