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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Measured a few sails today...

Great buy on about the cleanest water maker that has ever come into the store.  The boat owner gave us a great buy and were in a position to pass a great value on to you.  New membranes are $800.00 according to the skipper.  Our price is $1095.00 and we do not want to ship it.  You've got to pick it up or have a friend build the crate and send it to you.  Lots of great sails at very modest prices.  Sea Ya...Hope you enjoyed my little Golden Bear video.  If you can't sleep some night, check out my video channel--Search---Ernie Minney videos on U-Tube.  The blooper video has had over 3000 hits and the Lafrans windlass video is getting close to 2K...

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