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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pizza Nova makes guest dock available in Newport Beach !!!

Baja Ha-Ha skippers and other cruisers.  The manager of the Pizza Nova restaurant in the heart of Mariner's Mile in Newport Beach (and only about a half mile from Minneys) is making the largest guest dock in Newport Beach available to you to wash down your boats, top of your water tanks etc. from 0800 till 1200 on week days.  The restaurant opens at noon everyday and you must be gone by noon, unless of course you are in the restaurant having lunch. As you know, there is a free anchorage off the end of Lido Island where you can stay as long as five days.  If you don't want to bring in your big boat, this dock would be great for your rubber boat.  The manager's name is Tyler, please let him know you appreciate the hospitality his fine restaurant is extending to all of you...
P.S. The line pictured is what I call "Sea Drouge."  We spliced two one and a half inch tow bridles together so you can hook up spare line to the bridle from both sides of your boat, pay it out astern and slow your boat down in extreme conditions.  To purchase something like this you would be out about $400.00.  I've got a ton of the hollow core yacht braid bridles and am making them available at $49.00 each. Our local rigger charges $35.00 per splice so you can see you're getting one heck of a deal.  Each bridle has two eye splices and an extra chafing sleeve.

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