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Sunday, May 17, 2015

A few pictures around the store this morning...

This is an easy way to share the contents of the store with you.  It's really quite easy if you are used to I-movie or Final Cut Pro X-You just start a project and instead of using video clips you use your photos out of I-Photo.  Just drag them over and line them up next to each other.  Go I-Tunes and drag over a little music, go to share and post your little project to U-Tube and from there share it to where ever you want. You can find Royalty Free music at the Apple store.  I down loaded 80 Royalty Free classical songs for .95 cents.  The Lofrans anchor windlass video that we post from time to time has now had almost 5000 hits and we have sold several dozen of the windlasses.  Of course, having such a modest price on the Tigress windlass has helped a lot.  Have a great week.  Ernie and his CREW.

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