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Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I'm going to let the pictures do the talking.  If you are building a boat or a re-model I suggest you get there early and bring a flashlight.  Skippers start filling their selling spaces around 0400.  Remember, June 7th is a SUNDAY and not Saturday.  Every year dozens of buyers show up a day early and wonder why nothing's happening.  Selling spaces are $30.00 for boaters and $60.00 for dealers.  Still about 30 left.  Call the store at 949-548-4192 to book one.  Marine and boat gear and equipment ONLY.  All gear must be unloaded onto parking spaces.  You can not sell out of your car or truck.  If you are thinking of bringing a boat on a trailer, you must have special permission.  Holding this event is like walking on "thin ice" with the city. There are many regulations that we must comply with.  All selling booths must be EMPTY and cars gone buy TWELVE NOON.  We are dealing with 20 other businesses and many of them open at NOON.  It's gonna be FUN !!!

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