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Friday, August 21, 2015

$100,000.00 builder's over stock BLOW-OUT !!!

A major boat builder's overstock has created a windfall of first quality items that we can make available at extremely low prices.  Lewmar ST chrome bronze 30's and 40's are available in limited quantities.  Purchase a pair and we'll include a $90.00 matching lock in handle.  There's also a nice selection of Lewmar hatches at huge savings.  Check Amazon and the rest of the guys that know nothing about boats and prove to yourself that Minney's has them beat.  The crew member in the red Tee shirt is rolling up one of the fifty sails we purchased yesterday.  Chuck Ullman (Dave's kid) has our sail list up to date and will be glad to personally help you in your hunt for good used sails.  Just arrived, complete set dacron sails for a Mason 53.  Sobstad is the maker, from the two we've looked at they appear very good to excellent.  No sail over $1500.00..  Note:  All items are plus shipping, no tax if you are out of state... Limited quantity Lewmar SS 1000 pound pull windlasses for 5/16 hi-test chain.  E-mail us for our EXTREMELY LOW PRICE ???  MAY 20, 2016  WE STILL HAVE ABOUT 20 #30'S AND 20 #40S AND ABOUT 6 OF THE OCEAN SERIES 40'S

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