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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Classic, high quality winches from yesteryear !!!

For the past few weeks the crew at Minneys has been taking sheet winches apart, cleaning out the old dead grease, making sure the gears, pawls and springs are in good working order and soon we will have them listed as to their make, dimensions, gear ratio etc. etc.  You know, not everyone needs self trailers.  I don't even like them and have only one on my boat and never use the self tailing feature.  Pictured are some winches I have personally taken apart over the past few days.  The ones pictured are unique and unusual.  Barient made a short run of them back in there 70's.  They are 3 speed with titanium drums.  Having an engineering background, I totally appreciate the design and quality that went into them.  I would rather have a set of old Barients than anything that's manufactured today.  I recently went sailing on my old schooner Shearwater on the waters of New York harbor.  I noted that the stainless steel and titanium winches I installed in the mid 70's are still aboard and being used on a daily basis. At the moment we have about 50 matched pairs of popular winches.  Call or e-mail us your requirements.  Real men can sheet and tail at the same time, so save money and appreciate the look and quality of some of our classic bronze, stainless and aluminum sheet winches.....

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