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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Several months ago we purchased the entire contents of a small machine shop. One of the items is a Gorton engraving machine. It was used for cutting out and labeling electrical panels for boats. The machine is in excellent condition and comes with approximately 500 pounds of templates, alphabet patterns, cutter bits and misc. tooling. We estimate that the replacement cost of what we have would be about $10,000.00. There's a huge demand for the items this machine can turn out. Every large yacht has dozens of labels posted about. It will cut on plastic, brass and other metals. We have it priced so it's an absolute steal. $1500.00 and it's yours. It's heavy. Probably a little over 1000 pounds.


  1. Is this machine still for sale

  2. Just stumbled across the picture of this machine. My father spent most of his life working at Gorton Machine Company and was undoubtedly involved in manufacture of this machine. Their products most famous for a machine that engraved the entire Lords prayer on the head of a pin.

  3. My specialization is burning traceability codes on any kind of piece (but mainly steel). I am looking for a machine to laser engrave brass ... I'm against a rather tight budget level I know that in general order, laser machines are really inexpensive especially if you limit yourself to the tractability. There are plenty of laser machine manufacturer and I think your machine is very interesting but I'm a little wary of used parts, I prefer to buy an entirely new machine. A friend recommended this site ; and I think they are quite accessible machines. I suggest you take a look.