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Monday, October 10, 2011


Pictured is a stack of sails we processed over the weekend. They won't be on our website till later in the week but if you want "first dibs" I suggest you come to the store and check them out. They are all tagged with luff, leech, foot measurements etc. While the three of us were trying to set a new record of sails measured in an eight hour period (old record is 97) customers kept bothering us so we didn't break the record. That wasn't bad thing though. One sailor purchased a near new North 1.5 oz. cruising spinnaker with a 58' luff complete with sock and gear for $1495.00. Another nice gentleman came up from San Diego and picked out a great looking 1.5 oz. tri-radial chute with about a 48' luff priced at $695.00. A few minutes later he came up with a smaller chute to fly as a mizzen spinnaker priced at about $250.00. His wife loved the orange, gold and white colors of the sail. He even had a copy of our BLOG that stated the "Baja Ha-Ha" mariners could take off an additional 10%. Just as me and my boys were getting up to speed a man dumped a Santa Cruz 33 mainsail in our midst. It was about a "5" on a "1 to 10" scale. I offered him $100.00 bucks cash for it. He sort of hemmed and haa'd and then disappeared into the store. A few minutes later he showed up with a great looking black anodized 2 speed Lewmar flat top winch. "How about this winch for my sail" he said. "Done deal" I said. Darn customers, how can we ever set a new sail measuring record? In thinking about the sails we measured you might be interested in some of the new ones. Quite a few storm jibs and tri'sails. These are usually in like new condition because few cruisers are dumb enough to mess with storms. Lots of head sails and mainsails and about 6 nice cruising spinnakers with socks and gear. Some racer's gonna freak when he checks out the Quantum exotic Code 5 assyo chute that we have. It's big, had to go to the center line of 15 th street to measure the luff which is close to 70 feet. $1495.00 is the price. It's about an "8" on the Minney scale of conditions. Of course, Quantum can build you a new one for about 10 G's! P.S. Hope you you didn't get offended when I mentioned that "customers keep bothering us", honestly, WE NEED EACH OTHER..............

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