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Monday, October 17, 2011


While you guys were singing in the choir, playing golf, and frolicking in the park yesterday, I was measuring sails. The batch that we processed was a really great group of sails. Storm jibs and tri'sails, most of them like new. Several of them were "blaze orange" in color. A trend I've noticed the past few years which I think is a good idea. Anyone flying these sails is probably not having a nice day. Should they need a little assistance from the Coast Guard, they will be easy to spot in the turbulent seas. We measured about twenty spinnakers. One totally stood out. A brand new cruising spinnaker with a sock. .75 ounce, pretty colors with a forty foot luff. I priced it at $995.00. I'm sure Mr. North would think it was worth about $2500.00. There were lots of roller furling jibs in great condition. Quite a few of them needed some re-stitching on the covers. Why you guys leave these sails up all winter is beyond me. The sun rots the stitching, green grundge tries to grow inside and they unfurl in heavy winds and turn to shreds. Lots of good mainsails. While me and the boys were doing our thing a customer drops by and ask he he can test a few electronics in a corner of our parking lot. I give him the "go ahead" and soon he his little shop set up. He ran electrical power from the store out to his testing equipment and soon he had four of our radars, 3 chart plotters, a couple off fish finders and boxes of radar cables etc. in his testing area. We kept measuring sails and on his knees on the asphalt he kept testing our electronics. I finally felt sorry for him and brought a big soft sail over for him to play on. Long and short! He purchased a thousand bucks worth of our gear (probably going to sell it for $10,000.00) and we added about eighty great sails to our inventory. They will all be listed on our website in about five days. If you want to get "first dibs", get your butts down here.....

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  1. hey body

    looking for a main sail for a long trip.
    4m X 13 m not more.
    Can you help me ?