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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A few years ago, it was the guy with the most fishing poles with "GOLD" reels mounted in a row of rocket launchers that was the winner of the "status" award.  Today it's the guy with the most awesome fish fighting chair on the back deck that wins the award.  Pictured is a $11,000.00 chair (not counting the custom mount) that was aboard a boat next to my little sailboat a week ago.  I admired the chair and told the skipper that I had the same chair in my store priced at $1495.00.  He didn't believe me?  Anyway, I have a very similar chair by the same company.  The back is different and so is the mount but it is pretty much a twin sister to the one pictured.  The teak needs re-finishing and the padding needs to be renewed but with the $9000.00 you are saving you can spend a few bucks on this chair and be way ahead of the game. Sea ya.........

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