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Friday, May 11, 2012

If I ever regretted setting the bar so low on my used sail prices, the Quantum mainsail pictured pretty much underlines the fact that I am pretty much GIVING MY SAILS AWAY!!!  I tagged and measured about 75 sails yesterday and was amazed when I came across the mainsail pictured.  At todays prices, I'm certain Quantum would get at least $7500.00 for this sail if not more.  The insignia on the sail is a bit like the points on a compass rose.  4 cardinal points and 4 lessor ones.  The guy at Quantum that I just talked to in San Francisco thought it might be for an Island Packet?  This sail won't be in our inventory after this blog gets posted.  Have a nice day.  If you live in the Newport area I would like to pass along the fact that because of dredging in Newport Harbor, the overnight anchorage has been moved up to an area off the Lido Island bridge and in front of all the Coast Hwy. restaurants.  I'm going to be swinging an the hook out there all weekend even though my dock is 200 yards away.  Why am I doing this? Cause we can and it''s a bit like the good old days when we were allowed to anchor there overnight and party on the beach at the base of the Lido Island bridge.  Sea ya...........  Ernie

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