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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BIG RIG FOR SALE AT SCRAP METAL PRICE !!!!  We have the specs at the store.  Roughly 80 feet long, originally for the 70' cutter "Driver" a custom Lapworth boat built in Canada that circumnavigated the globe with this rig in her.  Been sitting for years.  The owner of "Highland Light" a Payne design similar the the famous cutter "Nam Sang" wanted the rig but it was $10,000.00 and he passed.  I feel it would be perfect for that boat or one similar.  As lessor boat couldn't handle it.  We've got 30 days to find a home for this rig (estimated cost today $60,000.00) or the junk man gets it.  It has a boom, radar mount, roller furling gear etc.  There are also 4 great sails that fit the rig that can be had for about $1000.00 each. Rig is located in Costa Mesa about a mile from our store.  The aluminum looks good and so does all the stainless steel fittings......The owner of the Britt Chance race boat "Equation" flew down from San Francisco and looked at it and opted for a new rig at about $40,000.00.  It was too "beefy" for him.  Estimated weight of mast boom and all rigging about 1800 lbs.  (only a guess)  It's going to be difficult to move.  Will take a crane and flat bed truck?  Estimated scrap value $1.00 / lb.  Mast was stepped on the keel of the "Driver"..........

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