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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lots of great propellers.  Still have about a dozen taffrail logs from WW II Liberty Ships.  The Pompanette dealer was in the store a few days ago.  He said At $39.95 a set, we are selling the seat cushion, the back and the two arm rest cushions  for the "Elite" pilot chairs way below the price they can make them for.  He bought all we had.  We just found about 20 more in my garage, then that will be the end of them. Most destroyer S.S. wheels are $95.00 (most are brand new) Had a lady purchase about 30 of our used charts the other day to wall paper her kid's room with.  Tiffiney is showing off some of our cutlass berarings.  $49.00 is a great price for that 3" thru hull shown in the pic. Yesterday we had a man pick up one of big $35,000.00 Kevlar-Carbon fiber mainsails  with a 109' luff that was in near new condition for $1495.00.  I'd love to be in the sail loft when they spread it out and he tells them, 'LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT AT MINNEYS!!!"  Scroll back about ten BLOGS and you will see the sail pictured.  GER ### is stenciled on the sail.  We think it's off "Morning Glory" the boat that holds the TRANSPAC record???  

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