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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Buy American!  For the past 30 years we've been selling life line stanchions, bow rails etc. that are made only about a mile from our little store.  Rail Makers has designed and set the standards for and has been supplying western U.S. boat builders with their safety hardware for almost 40 years.  If your boat was built in California, it probably has Rail Maker S.S. rails and stanchions.  Call us or e-mail us for a quote on new stanchions and rail gates.  If you have a more custom job, call Rail Makers at 949-642-6506 or e-mail them at  They just completed a full life line, bow and stern rail system for my Down East 38.  Pictured is their facility so you can see, they're geared up to do some SERIOUS work.  P.S.  Antique outboard motors are Railmaker John's private collection.  Have a great day.  Ernie

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