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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sitting ashore at Moon Stone cove on Catalina Island.  Pictures of fishing reels and boat models are from an estate sale presently going on at the store.  Picture of band-saw blade and trimmings off the new Fuller Brush Company port lights that I installed aboard my Down East 38 I thought I would just toss in.  After waiting a week for a machinist to thin down my port lights I went ahead and did it myself.  Built a jig, bolted the port lights to it and slowly worked them though a monster band saw that I am heir to.  You gotta have a sharp blade and nerves of steel because one screw up and you destroy a $200.00 plastic port light.  The first one I cut a bit too fast and the plastic started melting.  The second two came out perfect.  With a file and some sand paper you can clean up the edges and end up with a very professional looking job. Also, a customer had to scrap his dreams and recently sold us most of the hardware from a 45' ketch he was building.  One item is a brand new Harken roller furling headsail system complete with foil etc.  We googled it and found the best price it was selling for was about $2500.00.  Some lucky customer will soon be rolling up his jib for $1495.00!!!!!  Call store for details.

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