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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Official NOAA Newport Beach Chart- $15.00

Top picture is what the owners of the Fashion Island nautical clothing store "Vineyard Vines" did with a chart of Newport Beach.  They blew it up in size, adjusted the color a bit and made it the focal point as you enter their lovely store.  Pictured below is the most up to date official NOAA chart of Newport Harbor.  To maintain my quota I ordered heavy on our local chart and am running a bit of a special on it.  The regular price is $20.75 and it can only be ordered from an AUTHORIZED NOAA CHART AGENT.  Drop by the store and pick up this chart for $15.00 and we'll toss in a $12.95 booklet written by the former ranch manager of Santa Cruz Island as a special thank you for helping me maintain my chart agency with Uncle Sam.  No, you don't also get the piece of authentic scrimshaw with a picture of the Kelpie scratched into it.  Years ago when scrimshaw was legal, I would send photographs of local yachts to Japan and they would engrave the whale's tooth and send it to me.  They did a great job but one thing they always did was show the crew members wearing "coolie"hats. No matter how much I bitched to the Japs, every little stick figure on every tooth I ever imported was wearing a "coolie" hat.....


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