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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The Lewmar winches we purchased before the holidays have arrived and are available immediately.  I spent several hours studying how these winches are priced on the internet and encourage you to check Amazon-West Marine and several other marine dealers that sell on-line.  I found that Lewmar 30's sell at a high price of $941.00 and a low price of $785.00.  I found the Lewmar 40's went for a high of $1553.00 and a low of $964.00 and the Lewmar 46's had a high of $1699.00 and a low of $1283.00. I also suggest you google the West Marine catalog and also Lewmar for all the specifications.  You can blow up the picture on the BLOG and read part numbers off the boxes so you can identify the exact winches we have available. Being satisfied with a modest profit on the largest single purchase I have ever made I have priced the winches for a quick sale at $495.00 each for the 30's---$695.00 each for the 40's and $995.00 each for the 46's.  Handles are not included but possibly can be made available at close to $60.00 each for the chrome lock in handles that match the winch.  In case you can't read the numbers on the boxes the 30's are 49030001--the 40's are 49040056--46's are 49046056.  These are chrome plated- bronze alloy, 2 speed self tailing sheet, halyard etc. winches.  Prices are limited to the stock on hand can be changed any time I feel like it.  No sales tax if you are out of state and since January is our slowest month of the year we will pay the shipping cost in the lower 48 states till the end of January.  We have a good supply of the 30's and 40's and only ten of the 46's.  Those of you that have e-mailed us will have your orders filled first if you feel our prices are to you satisfaction.  Have a great week !!  Ernie and the crew at Minneys.......... P.S.  I made a mistake and told several skippers the large winches were 48's-they are not, they are 46's....


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