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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


We get quite a few water makers in.  They usually need new membranes and some work?  Pictured is the motor and pump in unknown condition? We bid the entire contents of a warehouse awhile ago.  Got about 25 brand new washers and dryers in the lot.  As you can see, we've priced them for quick sale!!!  There's a brand new set of Gauhauer tapered stanchions and gates for a 40' race boat that got scrapped.  Think the pads are angled at about 6 degrees.  Still have about ten of the 24 volt trim tab pumps.  Price has been lowered to $79.00 each!  It seems as if all the taffrail logs in the country are ending up at our little store?  Some are like new, yes, they are "old school" but they work.  I towed one for 40,000 miles and only lost one fish.  They can create a real mess when the fish get tangled up in your trolling lines. I discovered first hand how rope is made?  We still have a couple hundred of the large "WINCHARD" S.S. snap hooks.  Their catalog shows them selling for over $70.00 each !!  We "stole em" and are content to price them at $14.95 each,  Last picture is 600 foot rolls of 1" Nylon and Polyester white double braid yacht braid.  A buck a foot if you buy the 600 foot spool or $1.50 a foot if you want us to cut you a piece. If you have marine items you would like to sell, e-mail us a list and we'll give you a "ball-park" quote of what we would pay.  We buy low and sell low but our checks ALWAYS CA$H and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your surplus gear is helping another skipper fulfill his dream............

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